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9. Don’t get tunnel vision.

As mentioned previously, when you are studying for a Microsoft examination, it is important to study around the topic as well. This is where real world experience or even looking back at previous Microsoft exams you have passed can be useful. It is expected that you know at least a little about the sub-topics within the main study topics you are being tested on. For example, if you are studying Microsoft Exchange 2007, you will need to have some, if not good, knowledge of DNS and Active directory. This isn’t going to be as detailed a level as if you were taking an exam on these specific areas, but you do have to know how it relates to your topic area.

This can seem like an impossible task; I mean, you can’t learn everything, right?! Well, the easiest way to make the distinction is if you come across something that you aren’t sure of when studying, read a little extra on that area. It may pay dividends in the exam, and give you a bonus bit of knowledge, too.

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