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Like this article? We recommend 6. Use mind maps.

6. Use mind maps.

It is quite likely that you have heard of or used mind maps before as a method of study, and there are numerous websites available which can get the whole topic across better than I will here, and often offer software to allow you to construct mind maps online. However, I just want to make a point of their effectiveness when preparing for a Microsoft examination. A typical mind map will start off with a central topic, and then from there it will have branches of subtopics coming from it and so on and so forth. This allows you to repeat all of the information you have learned, but in the correct order and with the ability to join topic areas together, using different colors and even pictures to help review the topic. The use of colors and pictures are particularly useful as they engage the right side of the brain, your visual side. The picture becomes a trigger mechanism for recalling multiple lines of content within a topic area. They are definitely worth checking out.

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