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Like this article? We recommend 5. Read, write, repeat.

5. Read, write, repeat.

In much the same way that getting practical experience of the Microsoft product you are studying for is important, making notes from books and other resources is also a key requirement. A hand-on practice alone isn’t very effective if you haven’t picked up the manual to learn how it all works in the first place.

Making study notes allows you to break topics down into bite size chunks, which also makes reviewing easier in the long run. Using the method of reading the text, writing notes, and then repeating them back to yourself helps grind that information into your brain good and proper. And that’s what you want, at the end of the day; the real reason you are learning this stuff isn’t so much for the nice Microsoft certificate at the end of it, but more for when you are out in the field or consulting on a project and need the knowledge and skills to do your job.

The repeating process should be done on a frequent basis from the time of making the initial notes; for example, repeat after thirty minutes, then an hour, and then daily up the point of the exam. And repeating can take many forms, such as bullet point notes, questions on your notes, mind maps (see below), or flash cards.

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