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Like this article? We recommend 2. Choose your sources.

2. Choose your sources.

Once you have decided which Microsoft examination you want to take, the most likely first step you will take is to purchase the official Microsoft press book on the topic. This is absolutely the right step to take. In order for you to know the Microsoft best practice on a topic, these books are essential. However, it is important to get at least one other source of information on the topic in your armory. This may come in the form of another book, from a non-Microsoft source, but which takes a look at a topic from a different angle. This is useful if you are struggling to understand a topic from one source alone. Another view point can make the whole thing a lot clearer.

Another good resource is computer-based training. There are some very good products on the market such as CBT Nuggets and Train signal, to name just a couple, that cover the topics in a friendly and easy to understand way—very much like a classroom style atmosphere. This can be a comfort if you are home studying and the task of learning complex topics in silence with just a book and a notepad is a bit daunting.

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