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10. Think Microsoft.

If you have ever spent time reading any Microsoft article or text book, I think you will have pretty good idea what I am talking about here. When you are studying Microsoft in regards to the use of their products or applying Microsoft best practice, you are not necessarily learning the most efficient or realistic way of carrying out a procedure. In the real world, you may go about setting up an Exchange server differently to how Microsoft best practice dictates. Both ways of completing the task are valid, but in terms of the examination, the Microsoft way is the right way.

This can be a frustrating feature of the Microsoft certification exams, especially if you are already an experienced user of the product you are trying to study. However, adopting the Microsoft mentality will really help you when you are faced with a multiple choice question with frustratingly ambiguous answers. Thinking Microsoft will light up the correct answer much more easily, even if you think you know better.

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