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Microsoft certification in what you already know

If you work with Microsoft systems or technologies on a daily basis, then you may consider taking a Microsoft certification as a way of improving your knowledge in a given area, or as a way of just underlining what you already know. There are, however, many benefits to getting Microsoft-certified in technologies you work with every day other than just going through the motions of what you think you already know. In the case of an IT admin, it is very easy to slip into bad habits in your day-to-day workload. For instance, how often do you consider setting server baseline performance, with the appropriate counters, when installing a new Windows server? Or if you have an issue with setting a specific option on a user’s account, do you have to go to the internet for a solution? You will surprise yourself just how much consulting the Microsoft materials will teach you, such as working in line with Microsoft best practice or even refreshing the core skills that you had perhaps let fall by the wayside.

If your company has an ongoing training program, then you are probably fortunate enough to get your Microsoft accreditations paid for. This may leave you at the mercy of what your manager wants you to be trained in and often this is within the Microsoft technologies you are currently working in, but who’s complaining—it will only benefit your career whether you stay with the company or not… and it’s free!

In regards to furthering your career in the industry, having a list of Microsoft certifications will only be to your benefit. Also, knowing that extra layer of Microsoft will make you better at your job, more productive and as a result a much likely candidate for promotion—even if it is just backing up what you already know.

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