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From the author of How do the test writers develop the questions used on the NCLEX®?

How do the test writers develop the questions used on the NCLEX®?

The questions included on the NCLEX® exam are written by practicing nurses and nurse educators with experience in all fields of nursing. Some of your instructors may have helped with constructing the exam. Once a question is written, it passes through several committees prior to being included on the actual NCLEX® exam. These committees make sure that all the questions are accurately stated, that answers are plausible, and are free of cultural, gender, and racial bias. Statistical information is obtained on each question to determine reliability and validity. Although you may be nervous about taking the NCLEX®, be assured that it is a highly developed test that reveals those candidates who possess the knowledge needed to be safe beginning practicing nurses.

Your decision to become a nurse requires dedication and persistence. Whether you are a student nurse or a graduate nurse preparing for the NCLEX® exam, Rinehart and Associates is happy to assist you with the Exam Cram books or with our live review seminars. For those who prefer to review in the privacy of home, Rinehart and Associates offers an online review. To learn more about the NCLEX® Exam Cram series or our review services please visit our website. Additional resources are available from Pearson Education or by visiting informit.com. Exam Cram NCLEX® RN, Exam Cram NCLEX® RN Prep, and Exam Cram NCLEX® RN Practice Question books are available on our website and major bookstores.

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