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From the author of Test and Verify

Test and Verify

The scenario also mentions some things to test and verify. Your mental verification plan can include things like the following:

Function to Verify

Example Commands

Verify on Switch

VLAN creation

show vlan

C, D, E

Working EtherChannels toward switches C and D

show etherchannel summary

C, D, E

VLAN trunking

show interfaces type/num trunk

C, D, E

Layer 3 interfaces

show interfaces vlan10
show interfaces vlan20


show ip interface brief

C, D

HSRP configuration and load balancing

show standby brief

C, D


show ip route

C, D


ping source vlan10
ping source vlan20

C or D

To test that the server is reachable from each user subnet, a regular, simple ping won’t do. Instead, it’s better to use extended pings so that the source address can be set to the Layer 3 interface that sits on each user subnet.

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