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From the author of Part 2: Creating Aliases

Part 2: Creating Aliases

The FQDN of the host made previously is PC1.dpro.com. You can modify this with an alias so that if users want to connect to this client, they don’t have to type the entire name. You might see this done for FTP or other types of servers. So for example, the alias could simply be something like FTP1, a much simpler name to remember (and type) then PC1.dpro.com. Let’s go ahead and add an alias now.

  1. Right-click in the white work area on the right window pane and select New Alias (CNAME).
  2. Add the alias name, for example FTP1, and the FQDN of the computer you want it to point to, for example PC1.dpro.com, as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Figure 2 Adding an alias named FTP1.

  4. Click OK. You should now have an alias (FTP1) that resolves to whatever host you previously created, which in turn resolves to an IP address. In our example in Figure 1, that IP is
  5. (optional) If you can, attempt to connect to this alias by alias name (as long as the host it points to is a real computer on the network). You can do this by pinging the alias, for example PING FTP1, or by connecting to the host’s FTP or Web server (if the host has one), or by mapping to a shared resource on the host.
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