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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Configuring DHCP Server on a Router or Layer 3 Switch

Router(config)#ip dhcp pool internal

Creates a DHCP pool called internal.


Defines the range of addresses to be leased.


Defines the address of the default router for the client.


Defines the address of the Domain Name System (DNS) server for the client.


Defines the address of the NetBIOS server for the client.

Router(dhcp-config)#domain-name fakedomainname.ca

Defines the domain name for the client.

Router(dhcp-config)#lease 14 12 23

Defines the lease time to be 14 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes.

Router(dhcp-config)#lease infinite

Sets the lease time to infinity; the default time is 1 day.


Returns to global configuration mode.

Router(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address

Specifies the range of addresses not to be leased out to clients.

Router(config)#service dhcp

Enables the DHCP service and relay features on a Cisco IOS router.

Router(config)#no service dhcp

Turns off the DHCP service. DHCP service is enabled by default in Cisco IOS Software.

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