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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Verifying CEF

Switch#show ip cef

Displays entries in the Forwarding Information Base (FIB).

Switch#show ip cef summary

Displays a summary of the FIB.

Switch#show ip cef unresolved

Displays unresolved FIB entries.

Switch#show ip cef fastethernet 0/1

Displays the FIB entry for the specified interface.

Switch#show ip cef fastethernet 0/1 detail

Displays detailed information about the FIB for the interface.

Switch#show interface fastethernet 0/1 | begin L3

Displays switching statistics for the interface beginning at the section for L3.

Switch#showinterface gigabitethernet 1/1 | include switched

Displays switching statistics that show statistics for each layer.

Switch#show adjacency fastethernet 0/20 detail

Displays the content of the information to be used during L2 encapsulation.

NOTE: When using the show adjacency interface xx detail command, both the next hop-hop and local MAC addresses are displayed as well as the well-known Ethertype value of the encapsulation protocol (0x0800 for IP).

Switch#show cef drop

Displays packets that are dropped because adjacencies are incomplete or nonexistent.

Switch#show ip interface vlan10

Verifies whether CEF is enabled on an interface.

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