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This chapter is from the book

Exam Preparation Tasks

Review All Key Topics


Review the most important topics in the chapter, noted with the key topics icon in the outer margin of the page. Table 6-6 lists a reference of these key topics and the page numbers on which each is found.

Table 6-6. Key Topics for Chapter 6

Key Topic Element


Page Number


Discusses aggregating links into EtherChannels



Explains how traffic is distributed in an EtherChannel


Table 6-3

Lists EtherChannel load-balancing methods



Describes the PAgP negotiation protocol



Describes the LACP negotiation protocol



Explains PAgP configuration



Explains LACP configuration



Discusses rules of thumb for proper EtherChannel operation


Complete Tables and Lists from Memory

Print a copy of Appendix C, "Memory Tables," (found on the CD), or at least the section for this chapter, and complete the tables and lists from memory. Appendix D, "Memory Tables Answer Key," also on the CD, includes completed tables and lists to check your work.

Define Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter, and check your answers in the glossary:

EtherChannel, PAgP, LACP

Command Reference to Check Your Memory

This section includes the most important configuration and EXEC commands covered in this chapter. It might not be necessary to memorize the complete syntax of every command, but you should be able to remember the basic keywords that are needed.

To test your memory of the commands related to EtherChannels, cover the right side of Table 6-7 with a piece of paper, read the description on the left side, and then see how much of the command you can remember.

Table 6-7. EtherChannel Configuration Commands


Command Syntax

Select a load-balancing method for the switch.

port-channel load-balance method

Use a PAgP mode on an interface.

channel-protocol pagp

channel-group number mode {on | {{auto | desirable} [non-silent]}}

Assign the LACP system priority.

lacp system-priority priority

Use an LACP mode on an interface.

channel-protocol lacp

channel-group number mode {on | passive | active}

lacp port-priority priority

Remember that the CCNP exam focuses on practical or hands-on skills that are used by a networking professional. For the skills covered in this chapter, remember that an EtherChannel is called a port-channel interface when you are configuring it. When you are displaying information about an EtherChannel, begin the commands with the show etherchannel keywords.

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