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Communications Management

  • Plan Communications—10.2

Projects require the coordinated efforts of multiple team members. The success of the project is at least partially dependent on the quality of communication between team members. The communication plan addresses the necessary elements of team communication and leaves little room for assumptions. This plan is important to set the expectations of how the project team should communicate in an effective and timely manner. It also sets the expectations of the stakeholders and makes their need for information a part of the overall project plan. Most communication issues start with a lack of clear directives as to how and when to communicate. Further, most people are reluctant to initiate unsolicited communication. The communication plan is crucial to good project team interaction. The plan actually tells team members what is expected of them throughout the project. Table 4.9 shows the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for the plan communications process.

Table 4.9. Plan Communications Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs


Tools and Techniques


Stakeholder register

Communication requirements analysis

Communications management plan

Stakeholder management strategy

Communication technology

Project document updates

Enterprise environmental factors

Communication models

Organizational process assets

Communication methods

Cram Quiz

Answer these questions. The answers follow the last question. If you cannot answer these questions correctly, consider reading this section again until you can.

  1. What type of communication would be best for casual, non-urgent information exchange between team members in geographically distant locations?


    A. Telephone


    B. Conference call


    C. Email


    D. Shared memo

  2. Which type of communication would be the best choice for discussing schedule changes to an entire team that is located in several different physical sites?


    A. Conference call


    B. Email


    C. Website


    D. One-on-one telephone calls

Cram Quiz Answers

  1. Answer C is correct. Email provides a good medium for exchanging messages among team members who are in different time zones. Telephone conversations and conference calls require much more scheduling effort and shared memos require additional effort to exchange.

  2. Answer A is correct. In this case, a conference call provides the ability for the project manager to inform the team simultaneously and also take feedback from team members. The other options are more time consuming and make feedback more difficult.

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