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Human Resource Management

  • Develop Human Resource Plan—9.1

The project manager must fulfill the role of manager and leader of the project team. Using the same skills and techniques a line manager uses, the project manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Determine the HR needs of the project
  • Negotiate with line managers for internal resources
  • Acquire external resources through the procurement process
  • Determine training needs
  • Identify/plan team-building activities
  • Determine the performance review approach for a project's human resources
  • Determine the reward and recognition approach for motivational purposes
  • Document the team structure and each team's responsibilities
  • Create a project organization chart
  • Develop a staffing management plan

Key Human Resource Principles

Human resource management is the set of processes used to organize and manage the project team, also referred to as the project staff. A subset of the project team is the project management team, composed of the project manager, project sponsor, and others responsible for project management activities such as planning, controlling, and closing the project.

Project human resource management is composed of human resource planning, acquiring, developing, and managing the team. HR planning has a number of key deliverables, including project organization charts, the staffing management plan, and determining the roles and responsibilities of each human resource. Table 4.6 shows the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for the develop human resource plan process.

Table 4.6. Develop Human Resource Plan Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs


Tools and Techniques


Activity resource requirements

Organization charts and position descriptions

Human resource plan

Enterprise environmental factors


Organizational process assets

Organizational theory

It is important to understand the various methods organizations use to depict and describe human resources and their attributes. Table 4.7 summarizes the tools used in human resource planning.

Table 4.7. Human Resource Planning Tools




Organizational breakdown structure (OBS)

Graphically displays work packages according to departments

Identifies the work assigned to each department

Resource breakdown structure

Graphically displays resources by type

Effective in tracking costs. Groups resources even if they are working on different deliverables

Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)

A chart displaying resources and for which assignments they are responsible

Allows easy identification of all responsibilities for a given resource

RACI matrix

A specific type of RAM that shows the resources that are responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed in project activities

Provides more detail than RAM

Position description

Text-based description of responsibilities

Provides a high level of detail for a given position

In addition to graphical representations, resources might be documented in matrix-based documents such as a responsibility assignment (RACI) matrix.

These documents are effective communication tools to ensure team members understand for which assignments they are responsible. Table 4.8 shows an example of an RACI matrix.

Table 4.8. RACI Matrix


















The Staffing Management Plan

The staffing management plan is used to document the type of resources needed and the timing for those resources. The plan includes how the resources will be acquired, start and end dates, training requirements, policies and procedures for the team, and the team recognition approach and budget.

Cram Quiz

Answer these questions. The answers follow the last question. If you cannot answer these questions correctly, consider reading this section again until you can.

  1. Which resource planning tool provides information on resource responsibility and accountability?


    A. OBS


    B. Resource breakdown structure


    C. RAM


    D. RACI matrix

  2. What is the primary purpose of the human resource plan?


    A. Identify and document roles, responsibilities, and skills necessary for project goal fulfillment


    B. Describe how the project team will interact


    C. Assemble the project team


    D. Document strategies to motivate the project team

Cram Quiz Answers

  1. Answer C is correct. The RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) matrix provides information both on resource responsibility and accountability. The RAM only provides responsibility information. Neither the OBS nor resource breakdown structure provide responsibility information.

  2. Answer A is correct. Answers B, C, and D describe other processes in the executing process group.

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