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Exam Preparation Tasks

Review All the Key Topics

Review the most important topics in the chapter, noted with the key topics icon in the outer margin of the page. Table 13-8 lists a reference of these key topics and the page numbers on which each is found.

Table 13-8. Key Topics for Chapter 13

Key Topic Element


Page Number

Table 13-2

Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.


Figure 13-5

Viewing some of the Registry settings for Windows XP.


Figure 13-8

The Windows Explorer Folder Options, View tab in Windows XP after selecting recommended options for use by technicians and experienced end users.


Figure 13-21

Preparing to back up the Windows XP Registry as part of the System State backup using the Windows XP backup program, NTBackup.


Table 13-3

Configurations in Disk Management.


Figure 13-30

Compressing a file with Windows XP. You can select compression or encryption, but not both.


Figure 13-31

Disk Defragmenter's analysis indicates this drive needs to be defragmented.


Figures 13-32, 13-33

Using NTBackup.


Table 13-6

Major Internal Commands.


Figure 13-37

IPConfig/all displays complete information about your TCP/IP configuration.


Figure 13-46

Viewing the details about an application error using the Application Event Viewer.


Figure 13-48

Choosing a restore point with Windows XP's System Restore.


Steps to accept remote connections including Figures 13-49 & 13-50

Configuring Windows Firewall to accept Remote Desktop connections.

Enabling the system to accept Remote Desktop connections from a specified user.


Figure 13-53

This Windows XP system has adequate memory at this time, as indicated by the low levels of usage of the Paging File % Usage and Memory Pages/Sec counters.


Figure 13-54

The Virtual Memory dialog box of Windows XP enables you to set the size and location of virtual memory.


Figure 13-55

Adjusting the location used for temporary files in Windows XP.


Figure 13-57

Viewing the General tab for the Print Spooler service.


Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory

Print a copy of Appendix B, "Memory Tables," (found on the CD), or at least the section for this chapter, and complete the tables and lists from memory. Appendix C, "Memory Tables Answer Key," also on the CD, includes completed tables and lists to check your work.

Definitions of Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter, and check your answers in the glossary.

Virtual memory, Paging file, Registry, NTLDR, Partition, Primary Partition, Extended Partition, Logical drive, Control Panel, EFS, Executable, File system, FAT32, NTFS

Troubleshooting Scenario

You have a client that is having problems with network connectivity. She is complaining that things work fine for a while, and then there is no connectivity at all. What steps could you take to verify that there is a problem?

Refer to Appendix A, "Answers to the 'Do I Know This Already?' Quizzes and Troubleshooting Scenarios," for the answer.

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