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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Exam Prep Questions

  1. What is the most important aspect of disaster recovery?

    circle.gif A. A complete damage assessment
    circle.gif B. Control of critical assets
    circle.gif C. Restoration of business functions
    circle.gif D. Protection of individual life
  2. Which of the following groups is responsible for project initiation?

    circle.gif A. Functional business units
    circle.gif B. Senior management
    circle.gif C. BCP team members
    circle.gif D. Middle management
  3. Which team is focused on the responsibilities needed to get an alternate site up and running?

    circle.gif A. Salvage team
    circle.gif B. BCP management team
    circle.gif C. IT management
    circle.gif D. Recovery team
  4. Which of the following is not considered an advantage of a mutual aid agreement?

    circle.gif A. Low cost
    circle.gif B. Enforcement
    circle.gif C. Documentation
    circle.gif D. Testing
  5. Which of the following uses batch processing?

    circle.gif A. Remote journaling
    circle.gif B. Hierarchical storage management
    circle.gif C. Electronic vaulting
    circle.gif D. Static management
  6. Which of the following carries the most risk?

    circle.gif A. Full interruption
    circle.gif B. Parallel
    circle.gif C. Walkthrough
    circle.gif D. Checklist
  7. Which of the following is the best definition of a software escrow agreement?

    circle.gif A. Provides the vendor with additional assurances that the software will be used per licensing agreements
    circle.gif B. Specifies how much a vendor can charge for updates
    circle.gif C. Gives the company access to the source code under certain conditions
    circle.gif D. Provides the vendor access to the organization's code if there are questions of compatibility
  8. Which of the following will a business impact analysis not provide?

    circle.gif A. Determining the maximum outage time before the company is permanently crippled
    circle.gif B. Detailing how training and awareness will be performed and how the plan will be updated
    circle.gif C. Establishing the need for BCP
    circle.gif D. Selecting recovery strategies
  9. Bob had a server crash on Thursday morning. Bob performed a backup in which he used the complete backup from Sunday and several other tapes from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Which tape-backup method was used?

    circle.gif A. Full restore
    circle.gif B. Structured restore
    circle.gif C. Differential restore
    circle.gif D. Incremental restore
  10. Which of the following tape-rotation schemes involves using five sets of tapes, with each set labeled A through E?

    circle.gif A. Tower of Hanoi
    circle.gif B. Son-father-grandfather
    circle.gif C. Complex
    circle.gif D. Grandfather-father-son
  11. If the recovery point objective (RPO) is low, which of the following techniques would be the most appropriate solutions?

    circle.gif A. Clustering
    circle.gif B. Database shadowing
    circle.gif C. Remote journaling
    circle.gif D. Tape backup
  12. You have been assigned to the BCP team responsible for backup options and offsite storage. Your company is considering the purchase of software from a small startup operation that has a proven record for unique software solutions. To mitigate the potential for loss, which of the following should you recommend?

    circle.gif A. Clustering
    circle.gif B. Software escrow
    circle.gif C. Insurance
    circle.gif D. Continuous backup
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