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Answers to Exam Prep Questions

  1. Answer A is correct. A collection of privileges is known as a role in a VMware Infrastructure.

  2. Answers B and D are correct. From the list provided, the two roles that are available by default on a VirtualCenter server are VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) User and Virtual Machine User.

  3. Answer C is correct. Internet Explorer version 6.0 is the minimum that can be used to access Web Access.

  4. Answers C and D are correct. The two roles that are not default ESX Server roles are Datacenter Administrator and Resource Pool Administrator.

  5. Answer D correct. The minimum version of Mozilla Firefox that is supported with Web Access is 1.0.7.

  6. Answer B, False, is correct. You can access the Web Access console by either pointing to the ESX Server or VirtualCenter Server IP address or FQDN. When pointing to the ESX host, you see only the VMs on that host, whereas when pointing the web access to the VC server, you see all the VMs.

  7. Answer C is correct. There are approximately 100 privileges by default.

  8. Answer B, False, is correct. Web Access cannot be used to create virtual machines. Web Access can be used only to manage VMs. To create virtual machines, you need to use the VI client.

  9. Answer B, False, is correct. ESX Server and VirtualCenter Server users and groups cannot be synchronized.

  10. Answers B and D are correct. The two user accounts that are assigned the administrator role by default on the ESX Server are root and vpxuser.

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