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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


COP is a valuable tool for project development. As I have stated, the larger the project, the more detail you will use when employing these techniques. As you apply this ideology more and more, you will find that you begin to do so intuitively. Proactive solutions will become the norm and create a distinct advantage in your career advancement.

In addition, your ability to analyze business and projects for their value will be greatly increased. Those technologists whom I have trained in COP have shown the ability to perform a broader role for the organizations in which they work. Often they are included in marketing, business development, and general planning.

COP is not technology-centric; therefore, it is one of those transcendent skills that you take with you from year to year. This reduces some of the stress associated with the constant pace of change and learning required to stay up to date with the latest advances in technology.

For the technology professional, one of the most powerful aspects of COP is its capability to reduce the learning curve for new technologies. As you begin to become focused on the business concepts to be solved and technology's role, you will begin to view new technologies for what they are—new tools to adopt.

The impact is that you can better focus on the uses for the tool, instead of the tool itself. This helps you understand how or why a tool is useful and how it's conceptually different from another tool. You no longer need to learn all aspects of the new tool. Instead, you can study key differences with other well-known tools. What you need to study or learn is reduced as a result.

If you are interested in a further discussion of COP, register at http://www.cbtoolkit.com.

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