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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Benefit of Communication Skills: An Effective Communicator Is Viewed as More Intelligent

Consider two technologists of equal abilities. Both present their ideas or project summaries to management. One is an extremely poor communicator. He does not understand social mores, does not carefully select words for impact, and speaks in techno-jargon.

The other is well spoken. He's not extravagant, but he has practiced speaking slowly and carefully. He selects words that paint a picture of his proposed solution without using techno-jargon. He appears fairly comfortable, not fidgeting or unaware of his posture and hands. Even if nervous, he follows a clear line of thinking because he has learned to organize his thoughts into a presentation format.

Who, of the two, do you think management will view as smarter? It might well be that the first person is the brighter of the two. However, his inability to communicate effectively will far overshadow any brilliance he might have. The second person, on the other hand, will appear as though his project is well thought-out. He will appear more in control.

Management will put its trust in a better communicator virtually every time.

The impact that this has on your career cannot be overstated. I am not advocating that every person learn how to give presentations to hundreds of people. Nor do I expect every person out there to write manuals or books.

However, you must understand some basic communication dos and don'ts.

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