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This chapter is from the book

Memory Builders

The CCIE Routing and Switching written exam, like all Cisco CCIE written exams, covers a fairly broad set of topics. This section provides some basic tools to help you exercise your memory about some of the broader topics covered in this chapter.

Fill in Key Tables from Memory

Appendix E, "Key Tables for CCIE Study," on the CD in the back of this book contains empty sets of some of the key summary tables in each chapter. Print Appendix E, refer to this chapter's tables in it, and fill in the tables from memory. Refer to Appendix F, "Solutions for Key Tables for CCIE Study," on the CD to check your answers.


Next, take a few moments to write down the definitions for the following terms:

  • FIB, LIB, LFIB, MPLS unicast IP routing, MPLS VPNs, LDP, TDP, LSP, LSP segment, MPLS TTL propagation, local label, remote label, label binding, VRF, RD, RT, overlapping VPN, inner label, outer label, VPN label, PHP, FEC, LSR, E-LSR, PE, CE, P, ingress PE, egress PE

Refer to the glossary to check your answers.

Further Reading

Cisco Press publishes a wide variety of MPLS books, which can be found at http://www.ciscopress.com. Additionally, you can see a variety of MPLS pages from http://www.cisco.com/go/mpls.

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