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Case Study: ACMC Hospital Modularity

This case study is a continuation of the ACMC Hospital case study introduced in Chapter 2.

In this case study, you apply the Cisco Enterprise Architecture to the ACMC Hospital network requirements and develop a high-level view of the planned network hierarchy. Complete the following steps:

  • Step 1 Consider each of the functional areas of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture:
    • Enterprise Campus: Including the Campus Infrastructure module (composed of the Campus Core layer, the Building Distribution layer, and the Building Access layer) and the Server farm module
    • Enterprise Edge: Including the E-commerce module, the Internet Connectivity module, the WAN and MAN and Site-to-Site VPN module, and the Remote Access and VPN module
    • Enterprise Branch
    • Enterprise Data Center
    • Enterprise Teleworker

    Mark up the existing network diagram, provided in Figure 3-37, indicating where each of the modules would be at a high level.

    Figure 3-37

    Figure 3-37 Existing ACMC Hospital Network

  • Step 2 List some key considerations or functions for each of the modules in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture. Indicate whether each module is used in the ACMC Hospital network.
  • Step 3 Since the time initial discussions with ACMC occurred, the following additional requirements have surfaced:
    • The staff needs Internet access for purchasing supplies and reviewing research documents and new medical products.
    • There has been some discussion about allowing employees to telecommute.
    • ACMC has a web server for a patient communications and community relations service called "Text a Nurse." This for-fee service allows a patient to send a text message to the hospital, requesting medical advice.

    How does this new information change the design? Incorporate the changes into your high-level design, and update the list of modules and considerations.

  • Step 4 Which of the following infrastructure or network services are immediately applicable to your design?
    • Security services
    • Voice services
    • Wireless
    • Network management
    • High availability
    • QoS
    • Multicast

    Are there specific locations or modules where some of these services are particularly relevant?

  • Step 5 Indicate where redundancy should be supported in the design.
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