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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Installation Plans

Installation planning should follow the guidelines mentioned earlier in ANSI/TIA/EIA-570A Amendment 1 and NEC articles 725 and 760. Important requirements are summarized in this section for RJ-31x jacks, motion detectors, and video surveillance systems.

Installing an RJ-31x Telephone Jack

A special type of telephone jack called an RJ-31x is required with all security systems that use a central alarm monitoring service. The home central monitoring panel sends a message to the monitoring station when the alarm is activated. If the telephone line is in use when an alarm message starts or a phone instrument is left off the hook, there needs to be a way to clear the line and override all other call activity. Otherwise, the alarm message could be seriously delayed or blocked completely. Most security systems are wired to the phone line using an RJ-31x phone jack. This 8-pin telephone jack is specially designed to seize the phone line and send the alarm message. As indicated in Figure 3.11, the RJ-31x jack must be installed between telecommunications equipment in the home and the demarcation point where the phone line enters the home.

Figure 3.11Figure 3.11 RJ-31x jack location.


All alarm systems that use the telephone lines in a home to aromatically dial a central monitoring station must have an RJ-31x jack installed. This enables the alarm system to seize the phone line when an alarm condition exists.

Installing Motion Detectors

Motion detectors should be installed in open areas that cannot be protected by window or door sensors. These detectors require two wires for 12v–16v DC and two wires for the alarm circuit. Care should be taken if pets are to remain in the area when the system is alarmed, although special motion detectors are available that avoid false alarms caused by pets.

Camera and Switching Equipment Installation

Video surveillance cameras can be installed using the supplied mounting hardware facing the area of interest. For outdoor use, a location should be selected where the full view of the area can be observed within the field of view of the camera. RG-6 cable and F-type coaxial connector hardware is used to run the cable from the camera to the monitor or switching equipment. If the camera has a motorized scan feature, be sure to allow for full coverage of the area.

Surveillance System Monitor Installation

Monitors can be mounted in a location convenient to the user. For observing front gates or entrances to the home, such as a front door, a small monitor should be located near the entrance used most frequently by visitors.

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