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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

External Services

External security and surveillance services are available from private companies which are connected by dial-up phone service to the home security system. Another type of service is available for residents who want to check on the status of the security system when they are away.

External Alarm Monitoring Service

Professional alarm monitoring companies provide 24-hour service for residential security systems for a monthly fee. Monitoring service attendants have a computer system and display with a database containing information about each subscriber. As discussed previously, security systems are designed to send a digital message via phone lines to a central monitoring facility. The attendants contact police or a private armed response guard to go to the location where the alarm was activated. Customized response scenarios are established with the owner and the monitoring service for the use of passwords to verify the identity of the resident when an alarm is triggered. Each monitoring service offers a set of response options discussed earlier to verify false alarms or special distress code word if an intruder forces the resident to cancel an alarm.

Remote Access

External access to the home security system by means of telephone lines is called remote access.

Remote access can be designed into a system that permits the user to call from a remote site and set system parameters or obtain voice-synthesized status messages concerning any sensor that has detected a value outside programmed values such as heat, cold, water leakage, loud noises, alarm history, or other custom features.

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