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Executing Requests from the Notes Client

There are several advantages/disadvantages to accessing the Domino server with a Notes client rather than using a Web (HTTP) client. When using a native Notes client, some of the advantages are that you have access to menu options and shortcuts specific to the Domino application. In addition, you can run the application locally (offline) without being connected to a Domino server.

Another useful feature available to Notes clients that is not available to Web clients is the use of layout regions. Layout regions can be inserted into forms and are typically used within custom dialog boxes. They are composed of a 32-bit image that can contain fields, images, buttons, and text, which you can position anywhere within the layout region by using absolute positioning. However, they cannot contain rich text, file attachments, Java applets, and a select group of other objects.

Using Notes-Enabled Features to Troubleshoot Applications

To troubleshoot your application that is to be used by Notes clients, preview the design changes directly when editing the application design by following these steps:

  1. Open the design element you want to preview from the Notes Designer.

  2. Using the pull-down menu, select Design, Preview in Notes, or click on the Notes preview button.

  3. Choose File, Close to close the preview window.

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