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VCP Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional

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VCP Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional


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  • Copyright 2009
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3805-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3805-9

VCP Exam Cram

VMware Certified Professional

VCP-310 Exam

Elias N. Khnaser

Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on your VCP exam!

  • Master the essential concepts of VMware Infrastructure 3
  • Plan, install, deploy, and configure ESX Server 3.5
  • Understand how VMware Infrastructure is licensed
  • Implement reliable virtualized storage operations
  • Administer ESX Server 3.5 with VirtualCenter 2.5
  • Manage virtual machine operations
  • Systematically secure your virtual infrastructure
  • Manage and monitor virtual resources
  • Troubleshoot problems with ESX Server 3.5
  • Implement effective backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity
  • Maximize system availability in virtualized environments


Elias N. Khnaser is a published author, speaker, and consultant specializing in server-based computing and virtualization. He has implemented many of the world’s largest Citrix deployments. He is co-author of Citrix CCA MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 and 4.0 Exam Cram (Exams 223/256) and Citrix MetaFrame XP Including Feature Release 1.

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  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers
  • Multiple test modes
  • Random questions and order of answers
  • Coverage of each VCP exam objective


ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3805-9

ISBN-10: 0-7897-3805-8

Sample Content

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VMware Infrastructure Security and Web Access

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Introducing VMware Infrastructure

What Is Virtualization?

    Why You Need Virtualization

    Types of Virtualization

Virtual Machine Overview

    Simulation and Emulation

    Virtual and Physical Machine Comparison

    Why VMware Infrastructure 3?

VMware Infrastructure 3 Suite

    What Is VMFS?

    The VMkernel

    The Service Console

    The VI Client

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 2: Planning, Installing, and Configuring ESX 3.5

ESX 3.5 Minimum Hardware Requirements

    Disk Partitioning ESX 3.5

Installing ESX 3.5 Using a CD-ROM

ESX 3.5 Post-Installation Configurations

    Accessing ESX Using the VI Client

    Accessing ESX Server Using SSH

    Modifying Service Console Memory Allocation

    Configuring NTP Client on ESX Server

Troubleshooting ESX 3.5 Installation

    Hardware Issues and Misconfigurations

    Purple Screen of Death

    Diagnostic Data Collection

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 3: Licensing VMware Infrastructure 3


ESX Server Licensing

    Evaluation Mode

    Serial Number

    Host-Based Licensing

    Server-Based Licensing

VirtualCenter Licensing

How the License Key Functions

    Per Processor

    Per Instance

License Server

    Installing the License Server

    Working with the License Server

    Losing the License Server

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 4: Virtual Networking Operations

What Are Virtual Switches?

Comparing Physical and Virtual Switches

Types of Virtual Switches

    Internal Virtual Switch

    Single Adapter Virtual Switch

    Multiple Adapter Virtual Switch

Types of Virtual Switch Ports

    Service Console


    Virtual Machine

VLANs in Virtual Networking

    Trunk Ports

    802.1Q VLAN Tagging

Virtual Switch Policies

    Virtual Switch Security

    Traffic Shaping

    NIC Teaming

Networking Maximums

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 5: Storage Operations

Storage in VI3

Fiber Channel

    FC SAN Architecture



    FC Addressing


    iSCSI Addressing

    Software Initiator

    Hardware Initiator

Network Attached Storage

    ESX Features on NFS Datastores

    Configuring NFS Datastores

Virtual Machine File System

    Extending a Datastore


Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 6: Administration with VirtualCenter 2.5

Planning and Installing VC

    VC Blueprint

    VC Preinstallation

    VC Database Design

    VC Installation

Designing a Functional VC Inventory




Administration with VirtualCenter

    VMware Infrastructure Client Tabs

    Lockdown Mode


    Client Settings

    VirtualCenter Maximums

VirtualCenter Server Backup and High Availability

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 7: Virtual Machine Operations

Virtual Machine Defined

    Virtual Hardware

    Virtual Machine Files

Creating a Virtual Machine

    Installing a Guest Operating System

    Understanding VMware Tools

Understanding and Working with Templates

    Creating Templates

    Guest OS Customization

    Deploying Virtual Machines

Managing Virtual Machines

    Cold Migration

    What Are Snapshots?

Using VMware Converter Enterprise

    Converter Enterprise Components

    Converter Enterprise Installation


Using Guided Consolidation

    Discovery and Analysis

    Performing the Consolidation

Virtual Machine Maximums

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 8: VMware Infrastructure Security and Web Access

VI Security Model

    Users, Roles, Privileges, and Permissions

    Working with Roles

    Assigning Permissions

    VirtualCenter Security

    ESX Server Security

Web Access

    Web Access Minimum Requirements

    Remote Console URL

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 9: Managing VMware Infrastructure Resources

VM CPU and Memory Management

Using Resource Pools to Govern CPU/Memory Resources


    VMotion Host Prerequisites

    Enabling VMotion

    VMotion CPU Requirements

    The VMotion Stages

Distributed Resource Scheduler

    DRS Automation Process

    DRS Cluster Validity

    DRS Rules

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 10: Monitoring VMware Infrastructure Resources

Resource Optimization Concepts

    Virtual CPU

    Virtual Memory

Monitoring Virtual Machines and Hosts





Monitoring with Alarms

Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 11: Backup and High Availability

Backup Scenarios

    Virtual Machine Backup Options

    Host Backup Options

    VMware Consolidated Backup

High Availability

    Virtual Machine Failure Monitoring

    HA Configuration Prerequisites

    Service Console Redundancy

    Host Failover Capacity Planning

    Host Isolation

    Virtual Machine Recovery Priority


Exam Prep Questions

Answers to Exam Prep Questions

Chapter 12: Practice Exam 1

Hints and Pointers

Practice Exam 1

Chapter 13: Answers to Practice Exam 1

Answers to Exam Questions

Chapter 14: Practice Exam 2

Hints and Pointers

Practice Exam 2

Chapter 15: Answers to Practice Exam 2

Answers to Exam Questions

Appendix A: Need to Know More?

Appendix B: What’s on the CD-ROM


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