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Pearson IT Certification is the leader in IT certification learning solutions, with a long tradition of delivering proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped certification exam candidates succeed. Learn from world-renowned authors such as David Prowse, Wendell Odom, Kevin Wallace, Brien Posey, Sander van Vugt, and Thomas Erl and a suite of products and solutions that address the learning, preparation, and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidate. Pearson IT Certification is your source for the highest-quality learning solutions. Learn more.

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Pearson has formal publishing partnerships with leaders in technology, including the official publishing programs: Cisco Press, IBM Press, and VMWare Press. As well, Pearson is a Platinum CompTIA Publishing Partner—CompTIA's highest level of partnership accreditation.

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Exam Profiles

Exam profiles are the perfect tool to help you prepare for your next exam. Learn exam details, tips and tricks, recommended study resources, and much more.

Exam profile: CompTIA Security+ SY0-401
This article describes the new CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam, including objectives, preparation hints, and study resources.
Exam profile: VMware Certified Associate - Cloud Exam VCAC510
This article profiles VMware's VCA-Cloud Certification. This certification profile describes question forms, trouble spots, hints for exam preparation, and recommendations for additional study resources. Find out what you can expect for this certification and how to best prepare for it.
Exam Profile: VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization Exam VCAD510
This article profiles VMware's VCA-DVC Certification. This certification profile describes question forms, trouble spots, hints for exam preparation, and recommendations for additional study resources. Find out what you can expect for this certification and how to best prepare for it.
Exam Profile: Cisco 200-120 CCNA Routing and Switching
This article profiles the Cisco CCNA 200-120 exam for the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. Find out what you can expect to see on the exam and how you can better prepare for it.

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Articles and Blogs

Being a Double Minority in Tech
The personal experiences of a black female in technology. The author discusses events where she perceived that she was discriminated against due to either her race or gender. She explains how she was able to achieve her goals in the tech world despite being a double minority.
2014: Certification and Career Self-Assessment: Can and Should You Do It?
Aspiring or active IT professionals can benefit from an improved understanding of how regular certification and career self-assessment pays off. Ed Tittel shows you how annual self-assessment and planning can boost your professional career, along with things to consider when developing or refining career and certification plans.
2014: Crafting a Personal Certification Plan
A certification plan is a living document that reflects an apsiring or active IT professional's long- and short-term certification goals. You should update it at least once a year to react to changes in the job market, personal and professional interests, and work opportunities. The author shows you how to construct your own personal certification plan.
Hierarchical Network Design
Introduces network design concepts, principles, models, and architectures. It covers the benefits that are obtained by using a systematic design approach.
Networking for VMware Administrators: The vSphere Standard Switch
Explains the vSphere Standard Switch, the original recipe vSwitch included with every VMware license level. This switch includes many features to help shuffle traffic around your network.

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