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220-1001 Practice Exam A
By David L. Prowse
Oct 30, 2019

Test your knowledge with a free set of test questions from CompTIA A+ Practice Questions Exam Cram Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002).

3 Common Network Security Threats
Feb 25, 2016
Whether their ultimate intention is harming your organization or stealing its information, attackers are probably already trying to crack your network. Network engineers need to anticipate these attacks and be ready to mitigate them. Security specialist Sean Wilkins points out three attack methods that most networks will experience.
31 Days Before Your CCENT Exam: Ethernet and Media Access Control
Jan 6, 2014
To help you prepare for your CCENT exam. this chapter reviews Ethernet technologies and operation at both the data link and physical layers.
31 Days Before Your CCNA Exam: Connecting Switches and Ethernet Technology
Apr 15, 2009
Allan Johnson provides late study tips and resources for Ethernet and switching topics on the CCNA 640-802 exam.
31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing and Switching Exam: Spanning Tree Protocols
Jul 9, 2014
This step in preparing for the CCNA Routing and Switching exam covers STP and its variations — standards that allow for redundant switched networks without worrying about switching loops.
31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Exams, Day 31: Storage
Oct 22, 2011
This chapter starts out your last month of A+ exam prep by describing names, purposes, and characteristics of storage devices.
7 Popular Layer 2 Attacks
Feb 25, 2016
If you're responsible for securing a corporate or private network, you need to be aware of the vulnerabilities that attackers will use. Security expert Sean Wilkins discusses seven common methods that can give attackers access, helping them to control or steal information from your network.
A Conversation with Emmett Dulaney about the State of IT Certification in 2010
Jul 23, 2010
Tim Warner from Pearson IT Certification had the opportunity to chat with Emmett Dulaney to discuss current trends in the IT certification field and suggestions for IT certification candidates.
A Conversation with Shon Harris on IT Security
Oct 29, 2010
IT security guru Shon Harris discusses some of the touchpoints of contemporary information security practices in industry.
A Guide to Microsoft Project Certification
Dec 20, 2010
Learn about Microsoft’s Enterprise project Management (EPM) offerings and their related certifications.
A Practical Guide to Advanced Networking: IPv6
Dec 11, 2012
This chapter looks at IPv6, the IP addressing system that has been developed to replace IPv4.
A Video Overview of the CCENT/CCNA Network Simulator
Jan 6, 2014
This CCENT/CCNA Network Simulator overview video examines the Cisco Network Simulator's redesigned interface. It also reviews the new grade history feature that enables students to track their lab attempt progress.
A VMware Administrator's Guide to Setting Up a DevOps Configuration Management Test Environment
Apr 13, 2015
Learn about the foundational tools that you will need to build your test environments. This chapter from DevOps for VMware Administrators covers environment provisioning with AutoLab and Vagrant, creating images with Packer, managing source code, and Git source code control.
A+ Certification Preparation: System Resources
Dec 27, 2002
This sample chapter helps you to prepare for the Core Hardware module of the A+ Certification examination by covering system resources objectives within the "Domain 1.0: Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading" section.
A+ Certified at Twelve: A Study Success Story
Jan 4, 2015
Learn how Canadian teenager Garrett Hillyard became CompTIA A+ certified at the age of twelve with encouragement from his parents and community, and learning materials from Pearson IT Certification.
A+ Exam Cram 2: Memory
Jan 3, 2003
Memory is fairly easy to understand, once you've grasped the basic concepts. This sample chapter explains the ins and outs of all types of memory to help you prepare for the A+ exam.
A+ Exam Cram: Hardware Troubleshooting Techniques
Nov 5, 2004
Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether the cause of a problem lies in the hardware or the software. This sample chapter will help you to make this determination to make fixing problems even easier.
A+ Exam Cram: Operating System Technology
Mar 11, 2005
To effectively administer a network you need both an understanding of the operating system and the ability to troubleshoot it. With sample questions and detailed answers, this sample chapter will help you prepare for the A+ Certification Exam.
A+ Exam Cram: Setting Up a Multiple Monitor Configuration in Windows Vista
Feb 3, 2010
David Prowse shows how to use the Multiple Monitor feature in Windows Vista. It’s quick and easy, and you can run as many as 10 monitors!
A+ Exam Cram: Troubleshooting Memory and Hard Drives in Windows Vista
Mar 1, 2010
There are many tools you can use to troubleshoot data failures. David Prowse focuses on the Windows Vista built-in Memory Diagnostic Tool for testing RAM, and the chkdsk and SFC commands for checking the hard drive.

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