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Check Point CCSA Exam Cram 2 (Exam 156-210.4)

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Check Point CCSA Exam Cram 2 (Exam 156-210.4)


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The number of Check Point certified professionals worldwide has increased 60% since mid-2003, reaching 40,000+ certified professionals!

  • Check Point claims the #1 spot worldwide in VPN/Firewall software market share at 54% and the software revenue market share at 70% as of November 2003.
  • Industry analysts believe the security industry will grow from $7.49 billion to $16 billion by 2009.
  • 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies use Check Point security solutions.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3109-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3109-8

The Check Point CCSA Exam Cram 2 provides a concise overview of the latest version of Check Point's certification exam, 156-210.4. Written by an experienced and CCSA, CCSE and CCSE Plus certified network security consultant, this comprehensive review guide maps to the exam objectives for easy study. All of the new features are covered, including:

  • VPN/Firewall
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Smart View Tracker
  • Network Address Translation
A CD test engine is included with two study modes, Practice Test and Flash Review, with full exam customization and a detailed score report. Choose Check Point CCSA Exam Cram 2 to assist you in your studying, and you'll be choosing the smartest way to get certified.

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Check Point CCSA Exam Cram: Defining Security Policy with SmartDashboard


Table of Contents



1. FireWall-1 Installation and Platforms.

    A Brief Look at the Platforms.

    Installing Under Windows.

    Installing Under SecurePlatform.

      Installing the OS.

      Configuring SecurePlatform.

    Installing Under Nokia’s IPSO.

      Installing IPSO.

      Installing Check Point.

    After the FireWall-1 Installation.

      Default Policy.

      Establishing Management Connectivity.

    Exam Prep Questions.

2. FireWall-1 Basics and Architecture.

    Firewall Introduction.

    The OSI Model.

    Firewall Architectures.

      Packet Filter.

      Application Proxy.

      Stateful Inspection.

    FireWall-1 Architecture.


      SmartCenter Server.

      Enforcement Point.

      INSPECT Engine.

      Secure Virtual Network.

      Secure Internal Communications.

    Exam Prep Questions.

3. SmartDashboard.

    Working Within SmartDashboard.

      Objects Tree.

    The Rule Base.

      Examining a Rule.

      Creating and Deleting Rules.

      Hiding and Unhiding Rules.

      Querying the Rule Base.

    The Security Policy.

      A Skeleton Rule Base.

      Implicit and Explicit Rules.

    Global Properties.

      FireWall-1 Implied Rules.

      Security Servers.

      Stateful Inspection Properties.

      Log and Alert.


    Verifying and Installing a Security Policy.

    Rule Processing Order.

    Command-Line Utilities.

      Getting Basic Information.

      Managing Services.

      Managing the Policy.


    Performance Considerations.

    Exam Prep Questions.

4. SmartView Tracker.

    How Logs Are Handled.

    Using SmartView Tracker.

      Log Mode.

      Active Mode.

      Audit Mode.

    Saving Logs.

    Exam Prep Questions.

5. Ancillary Utilities–Status, Update.

    Working with SmartView Status.

      System Status.

      System Alert.

    Using SmartUpdate.

      Managing Products with SmartUpdate 

      Managing FireWall-1 Licenses.

    Exam Prep Questions

6. Application Intelligence.

    The Solution: Application Intelligence.



      Anti-Spoofing Configuration Status.

    Network Security Capabilities.

      Denial of Service.

      IP and ICMP.


      Fingerprint Scrambling.

      Successive Events.

    Application Intelligence Capabilities.

      Web Defenses.

      Mail Defenses.

      FTP Defenses.

      Microsoft Networks.



    Storm Center.

      Sending Logs.

      Receiving the Block List.

    Exam Prep Questions

7. Authentication and Users.

    Users, Templates, and Groups.



      User Groups.

    Three Types of Authentication.

      User Authentication.

      Session Authentication.

      Client Authentication.

      Comparison of Authentication Types.

    Configuring Authentication.

      Configuring User Authentication.

      Configuring Session Authentication.

      Configuring Client Authentication.

      Authentication and Rule Base Order.

    Choosing the Correct Authentication Method.

    Creating Administrative Users.

    Administrative Certificates.

    Exam Prep Questions.

8. Network Address Translation.

    NAT Terminology.

    NAT in a Nutshell.

    NAT In-Depth.

      Packet Processing in the FireWall-1 Kernel.

      Static Source NAT.

      Static Destination NAT.

      Source and Destination NAT.

      Dynamic NAT.

    Configuring NAT.

      Before You Begin.

      Global Properties.

      Object Properties.

      Manual NAT Rules.

    Exam Prep Questions.

9. Backups and Licensing.


      Important Files on the SmartCenter Server.

      Important Files on the Enforcement Point.


      Central Versus Local Licensing.

      Using SmartUpdate.

    Exam Prep Questions.

10. Practice Exam 1.

11. Answer Key to Practice Exam 1.

12. Practice Exam 2

13. Answer Key to Practice Exam 2.

Appendix A: What’s on the CD-ROM.

    The CramMaster Engine.

    Multiple Test Modes.

      Pretest Mode.

      Adaptive Drill Mode.

      Simulated Exam Mode.

    Installing CramMaster for the Check Point CCSA Exam.

    Using CramMaster for the CCSA Exam.

    Customer Support.

Appendix B: Important TCP/IP Ports You Should Know.

    FireWall-1 Related.

    IP Protocols.

    TCP Ports.

    UDP Ports.

Appendix C: Setting Up a Lab with VMWare.

    Network Overview.

    Creating the Virtual Machines.

    Configuring the Host.

    Testing and Troubleshooting.

    Installing Check Point.

Appendix D: Troubleshooting with fw monitor.

    A Simple Capture.

    Writing Filters.

    Capturing NATted Flows.

    Problem Diagnosis with fw monitor.

Appendix E: Need to Know More?

    Exam Information.

    Installation and Hardware.

    Architecture and Operation.


    Application Intelligence and Security Threats.

    Lab Work and PC Virtualization.





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