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Sean Walberg

Ross Brunson has more than 20 years of experience as a Linux and Open Source trainer, training manager, and technologist and is author of the popular LPIC-1 Exam Cram (QUE Publishing). Ross is currently senior training/certification engineer at SUSE and recently spent almost five years as the director of member services for the Linux Professional Institute, where he contributed to placing several LPI courses into the Cisco Networking Academy, conducted dozens of Train-the-Trainer sessions, and provided sales enablement support for the worldwide Master Affiliate network spanning more than 100 countries. Ross holds a number of key IT certifications and is also author of several successful technical books and dozens of technical courses for major organizations (including the first LPI Certification Bootcamps). He is skilled at both contributing to and building community around IT products. He lives in Paradise Valley, Montana, with his family and enjoys traveling far and wide, winter sports, and photography.

Sean Walberg has more than 20 years of experience as a Linux administrator, network engineer, and software developer. He has written extensively on Linux certification for IBM and NetDevGroup, and has contributed to other books both as an author and technical reviewer. Sean currently works at Northfield IT and is responsible for infrastructure automation for a large professional sports league. Using tools like Ruby, shell scripts, and Chef, he automates the creation and maintenance of more than a thousand servers and the associated network infrastructure. Sean works closely with developers to scale applications to the demands of an internationally recognized series of web properties. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and three sons.