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User Group Registration

User groups are typically volunteer, not-for-profit organizations, or special interest groups. At this time, companies and colleges are not included in the Pearson User Group Program. While we appreciate outside interest in our program, we respectively request that only a legitimate group leader/coordinator with an established membership apply. Groups should have:

  • Active membership of 10 or more people
  • Valid and active web site for shared information
  • Regular online or face-to-face meetings

Please note that user group benefits are reserved for Pearson User Groups only. Pearson Education reserves the right to reject registrations that do not meet the requirements of the User Group Program.

Leaders, please register your group only once. To update your listing, please contact usergroups@pearsonitcertification.com.

The information you enter here will be listed on our public site at www.pearsonitcertification.com/usergroups. The address listed should be the meeting locale of the user group. If there is another mailing address to ship books please contact usergroups@pearsonitcertification.com.

You will be automatically subscribed to the monthly User Group newsletter associated with the program in which you register.

VMUG chapters and virtualization User Groups, please select "VMware" as topic to register with the VMware Press User Group Program.

If you are the leader of an online group, please select "Online" as your operating state. Please enter your group membership count as a number only, without any characters such as the + sign.

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