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VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test: VMware Certified Professional - Cloud

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VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test: VMware Certified Professional - Cloud


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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • ValuePack
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-348081-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-348081-8

The exciting new VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test is a digital-only certification preparation product combining an eBook with enhanced Pearson IT Certification Practice Test.

The Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test contains the following items:

  • The VCP-Cloud Premium Edition Practice Test, including three full practice exams and enhanced practice test features
  • PDF and ePUB formats of VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide from VMware Press, which are accessible via your PC, tablet, and smartphone

About the Premium Edition Practice Test

This Premium Edition contains an enhanced version of the Pearson IT Certification Practice Test (PCPT) software with three full practice exams. In addition, it contains all the chapter-opening assessment questions from the book. This integrated learning package

  • Enables you to focus on individual topic areas or take complete, timed exams
  • Includes direct links from each question to detailed tutorials to help you understand the concepts behind the questions
  • Provides unique sets of exam-realistic practice questions
  • Tracks your performance and provides feedback on a module-by-module basis, laying out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study where it is needed most

Pearson IT Certification Practice Test minimum system requirements:

Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), or Windows 7; Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client; Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0; Pentium class 1GHz processor (or equivalent); 512MB RAM; 650MB disc space plus 50MB for each downloaded practice exam

About the Premium Edition eBook

VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide focuses specifically on the objectives for the VMware Certified Professional — Cloud exam. VMware Certified Design Experts Tom Ralph and Nathan Raper share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.

VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide presents you with an organized test-preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. “Do I Know This Already?” quizzes open each chapter and enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

Well-regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this official study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.

This official study guide helps you master all the topics on the VCP-Cloud exam, including

·         Installing vCloud Director and vShield Manager

·         Learning the differences between roles and privileges and the principles of role-based access controls

·         Coverage of the vCenter Chargeback Manager product, introducing the concept of chargeback and why it is needed in a cloud environment

·         Understanding and troubleshooting vCloud Connector, including identification and functionality of the different components

·         Constructing different types of vCloud networks and network pools and the requirements for each

·         Creating and modifying vCloud Director organizations

·         Allocating and managing vCloud resources

·         Monitoring a vCloud implementation

VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide is part of a recommended learning path from VMware that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized VMware instructors and self-study products from VMware Press. To find out more about instructor-led training, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered worldwide, please visit www.vmware.com/training.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 Introduction to the vCloud Suite Certifications 3

Foundation Topics 3

VMware Certification Overview 3

    VCP – VMware Certified Professional 4

    VCAP – VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4

    VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert 4

The vCloud Suite Certifications 5

    VCP-Cloud 5

    VCAP-CIA (Cloud Infrastructure Administration) 7

    VCAP-CID (Cloud Infrastructure Design) 7

    VCDX-Cloud 8

Preparing for vCloud Certifications 9

Chapter 2 Install and Configure vCloud 11

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 11

Foundation Topics 14

Preparing to Install vCloud Director 14

    Requirements for RHEL Server Installation 14

    Configuring vCloud Director for Multiple Cells 15

        Load Balancer Requirements 15

        NFS Transfer Export 16

        Activity 2-1: Configuring NFS Export 17

        Activity 2-2: Installing vCloud Director 17

    Certificate Creation 18

        Activity 2-3: Creating Certificate Keystore 19

        Activity 2-4: Creating Signed Certificates 20

    Configuring the vCloud Director Database Server 21

        Oracle Database 21

        SQL Server 21

Installing vCloud Director 22

        Activity 2-5: Installing vCloud Director 22

Installing and Configuring vShield Manager 27

        Activity 2-6: Deploying vShield Manager 27

        Activity 2-7: Configuring vShield Manager 31

    License Options for vShield (vCloud Network and Security) 33

        Activity 2-8: Registering vShield Manager to vCenter 34

Final Configuration of vCloud Director 34

    vCloud Director System Settings 36

        General 36

        Email 38

        LDAP 38

        Password Policy 38

        Branding 39

        Public Addresses 39

        Extensibility 39

        Federation 40

Summary 40

Exam Preparation Tasks 40

Review All Key Topics 40

Definitions of Key Terms 41

Review Questions 41

Chapter 3 Administer vCloud Users, Roles, and Privileges 45

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 45

Foundation Topics 48

Privileges and Roles 48

    What Are Privileges? 48

    What Are Roles? 48

    Predefined Roles in vCloud Director 48

        Activity 3-1: Allowing an Organization to Publish Catalogs 50

        Activity 3-2: Publishing a Catalog for Public Use 51

    Custom Roles in vCloud Director 54

        Activity 3-3: Creating a Custom Role from Scratch in vCloud Director 54

        Activity 3-4: Creating a Custom Role by Copying an Existing Role in vCloud Director 55

        Activity 3-5: Modifying an Existing Role in vCloud Director 56

        Activity 3-6: Deleting an Existing Role in vCloud Director 57

    Troubleshooting Roles and Privileges 57

Users and Groups in vCloud Director 57

    Local Users 58

        Activity 3-7: Adding a Local System Administrator to vCloud Director 58

        Activity 3-8: Adding a Local User to an Organization 60

LDAP Users and Groups 60

        Activity 3-9: Importing an LDAP User as a System Administrator 60

        Activity 3-10: Importing an LDAP Group as a System Administrator 62

        Activity 3-11: Importing an LDAP User to an Organization 63

        Activity 3-12: Importing an LDAP Group to an Organization 64

LDAP Integration 64

    LDAP Authentication Methods 65

        Simple Authentication 65

        Activity 3-13: Configuring LDAP Integration for vCloud Director Using Simple Authentication 66

        Kerberos Authentication 67

        Activity 3-14: Configuring LDAP Integration for vCloud Director Using Kerberos 68

    Configure LDAP Settings for Organizations 70

        Activity 3-15: Configuring LDAP Integration for an Organization 71

    Additional LDAP Options and Actions 72

        Activity 3-16: Testing System LDAP Settings 72

        Activity 3-17: Setting the LDAP Synchronization Interval 73

        Activity 3-18: Manually Synchronizing with the LDAP Server 74

    Federation with vCenter Single Sign-On and Horizon Application Manager 75

        Activity 3-19: Configuring vCloud Director to Connect to a vCenter Single Sign-On Repository 76

    Troubleshooting LDAP Integration Issues 77

Summary 78

Exam Preparation Tasks 78

Review All the Key Topics 78

Definitions of Key Terms 79

Troubleshooting Scenario 79

Review Questions 79

Chapter 4 Configure and Administer Chargeback 83

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 83

Foundation Topics 87

Installing vCenter Chargeback Manager 87

    Hardware Requirements 87

    Supported Operating Systems 87

    Software Requirements 88

    Supported Database Management Systems 88

    Supported Web Browsers 89

    Supported vCenter Server Versions 89

    Supported vCloud Director Versions 89

        Activity 4-1: Installing vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 89

    vCenter Chargeback Manager Clusters 95

Configuring Chargeback Users, Roles, and Privileges 95

    Privileges 96

    Resource Types 96

    Roles 98

        Activity 4-2: Creating a Custom Role in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 98

        Activity 4-3: Modifying a Role in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 101

        Activity 4-4: Deleting a Role in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 101

    Users 102

        Activity 4-5: Creating a Local User in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 102

        Activity 4-6: Configuring an LDAP server 103

        Activity 4-7: Importing an LDAP User or Group in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 104

        Activity 4-8: Assigning a Role to a User in vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 104

    Troubleshoot Users, Roles, and Privileges 106

Configuring and Managing Chargeback Cost Elements, Pricing Models, and Costing 106

    Cost Elements 106

    Billing Policies 108

        Activity 4-9: Creating a Custom Billing Policy 109

        Activity 4-10: Editing a Billing Policy 110

    Hierarchies 111

    Manage Cost/Pricing Models 112

        Activity 4-11: Creating a Custom Pricing Model 112

    Configure Entity-level Costs 114

    Physical Infrastructure Costing 115

        Activity 4-12: Setting Rate Factors for Hosts and Clusters 115

        Activity 4-13: Setting Rate Factors for Datastores, Datastore Tiers, and Storage Profiles 116

    Pricing Matrix for Virtual Machines 116

vCenter Chargeback Manager Reporting 116

        Activity 4-15: Generating a Report 117

    Schedule Reports 117

    Manage and Archive Reports 118

Summary 118

Exam Preparation Tasks 119

Review All the Key Topics 119

Definitions of Key Terms 120

Review Questions 120

Chapter 5 vCloud Connector 125

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 125

Foundation Topics 127

What Is vCloud Connector? 127

    vCloud Connector Core 127

    vCloud Connector Advanced 127

vCloud Connector Components 128

vCloud Connector Installation 128

    Install Server 129

        Activity 5-1: Installing vCloud Connector Server 129

    Install Nodes 135

        Activity 5-2: Installing vCloud Connector Node 135

        Activity 5-3: Registering the vCloud Connector Node 143

    Register vCloud Connector to vCenter 146

        Activity 5-4: Registering vCloud Connector to vCenter 147

vCloud Connector Data Flow 147

Summary 148

Exam Preparation Tasks 148

Review All the Key Topics 148

Definitions of Key Terms 149

Review Questions 149

Chapter 6 Configure and Administer vCloud Networking 153

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 153

Foundation Topics 156

External Networks 156

        Activity 6-1: Add External Network to vCloud Director 156

        Activity 6-2: Modifying External Network Settings 161

        External Routed Network 163

Organization vDC Networks 164

    Types of Organization Networks 165

        Direct Network 165

        Routed Network 165

        Internal Network 166

    Create, Modify, and Remove Organization Networks 166

        Activity 6-3: Creating a Routed Network 166

        Activity 6-4: Creating a Direct Network 171

        Activity 6-5: Creating an Internal Organization Network 171

Configure and Administer vCloud Network Pools 173

    Types of Network Pools 173

        VXLAN 174

        Activity 6-6: Enabling VXLAN 174

        vCloud Director – Network Isolated Network 177

        Port-Group Backed 177

        VLAN-Backed 177

    Create/Delete a Network Pool 178

        Activity 6-7: Creating a vCD-NI Network Pool 178

        Activity 6-8: Creating a Port-Group Backed Network Pool 179

        Activity 6-9: Creating a VLAN-Backed Network Pool 181

    Troubleshooting Common Network Pool Problems 183

Configure and Administer vApp Networks 183

    vApp Network Types 184

        Direct-Connect Networks 184

        Routed Networks 184

Managed Network Services 185

    vShield Edge Sizing 185

        Compact 185

        Large 185

    vShield Edge Services 186

        Firewall 186

        Static Routing 186

        Load Balancer—Layer 4 and Layer 7 186

        High Availability 187

        DHCP 187

        DNS Relay 187

        SNAT 187

        DNAT 187

        Firewall 188

        Static Routing 188

        IPsec VPN 188

        SSL VPN-Plus 188

        Layer 7 Load Balancer 189

        Third-Party Support 189

    Configuring vShield Edge Services 189

        Activity 6-10: Configuring a DHCP Server 189

        Activity 6-11: Configuring NAT Rules 190

        Activity 6-12: Creating a VPN Session (IPsec and SSL) 192

Summary 192

Exam Preparation Tasks 193

Review All Key Topics 193

Definitions of Key Terms 194

Review Questions 194

Chapter 7 Configure and Administer vCloud Organizations 197

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 197

Foundation Topics 199

What Is a vCloud Director Organization? 199

Create an Organization 199

        Activity 7-1: Creating an Organization 201

Modifying an Organization 208

        Activity 7-2: Modifying an Organization 209

Configuring an Organization for Federation 218

        Activity 7-3: Configuring Federation in vCloud Director 219

    Export XML Metadata from vCloud Director to Identity Provider 221

Summary 222

Exam Preparation Tasks 223

Review All the Key Topics 223

Definitions of Key Terms 223

Review Questions 224

Chapter 8 Allocate and Manage vCloud Resources 227

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 227

Foundation Topics 230

What Is a vCloud Resource? 230

Create and Administer Provider vDCs 230

    What Is an Elastic Provider vDC? 230

        Activity 8-1: Creating a Provider vDC 231

    Prepare a Provider vDC 235

        Activity 8-2 Preparing a Host 235

        Enable Provider Storage 238

        Activity 8-3: Assigning a Storage Profile to a Datastore 239

    Decommission a Provider vDC 241

        Activity 8-4: Disabling a Provider vDC 241

        Activity 8-5: Deleting a Provider vDC 243

    Storage Profile in vCenter 246

        Activity 8-6: Syncing vCenter Storage Profiles 246

Create and Administer Organization vDCs 248

    Pay-As-You-Go 248

    Allocation Pool Model 251

    Reservation Pool Model 253

    Select the Right Allocation Model 255

    Create an Organization vDC 255

        Activity 8-7: Creating an Org vDC 255

    Delete an Organization vDC 259

        Activity 8-8: Preparing to Remove an Organization Virtual Datacenter 259

Catalog Management 264

        Activity 8-9: Creating a Catalog 264

    Populate Catalogs 268

Summary 268

Exam Preparation Tasks 269

Review All Key Topics 269

Definitions of Key Terms 269

Review Questions 269

Chapter 9 Monitor a vCloud Implementation 273

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 273

Foundation Topics 276

Monitoring vCloud 276

    View Events in vCloud 276

    Search for Tasks in vCloud 278

    vCloud Director Log File Locations 280

    vShield Manager Logs 280

    Syslog Settings 282

Monitoring Provider vDC Resources 284

    CPU 285

    Memory 286

    Storage 288

Monitoring Org vDC Resources 291

    CPU 291

    Memory 293

    Storage 294

Monitoring Network Resources 294

    External Networks 294

    Organization Networks 295

    Network Pools 296

    vShield Manager Log File Gathering 297

Troubleshooting vCenter Chargeback Manager 297

    Log Files 297

    Troubleshooting Utility 299

Summary 299

Exam Preparation Tasks 300

Review All the Key Topics 300

Definitions of Key Terms 301

Review Questions 301

Chapter 10 What Do I Do Now? 305

Foundation Topics 306

Download the Exam Blueprint 306

Gain Hands-On Experience 306

    Practice Exams and Preparation Material 307

Register for the Exam 308

Exam Day 308

Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Review Questions 311

Appendix B vCenter to vCloud Resource Table 317

Appendix C Configuring vSphere for vCloud Director 319

Glossary 325

9780133480818   TOC   9/13/2013


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