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About VMware Press

VMware Press is a publishing alliance between Pearson and VMware, and is the official publisher of VMware books and training materials that provide guidance for the critical topics facing today's technology professionals and students.

With books, certification and study guides, video training, and learning tools produced by world-class architects and IT experts, VMware Press helps IT professionals master a diverse range of topics on virtualization and cloud computing, and is the official source of reference materials for completing the VMware certification exams.

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New from VMware Press

DevOps for VMware AdministratorsDevOps for VMware Administrators
by Trevor A. Roberts, Josh Atwell, Egle Sigler, Yvo van Doorn • 9780133846478
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Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphereVirtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere
by Kannan Mani, Don Sullivan • 9780133570182
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Virtualizing SQL Server with VMwareVirtualizing SQL Server with VMware
by Michael Corey, Jeff Szastak, Michael Webster • 9780321927750
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DevOps for VMware AdministratorsVCP5-DCV Official Certification Guide (covering the VCP550 Exam)
by Bill Ferguson • 9780789753748
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Essential VSANEssential VSAN
by Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan • 9780133854992
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Coming Soon from VMware Press

Virtualizing Hadoop: How to Install, Deploy, and Optimize Hadoop in a Virtualized ArchitectureVirtualizing Hadoop: How to Install, Deploy, and Optimize Hadoop in a Virtualized Architecture
by George Trujillo, Charles Kim, Steve Jones • 9780133811025
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Interview with Bill Ferguson, author of The Official VCP5 Certification Guide

Interview with Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan, authors of Essential Virtual San (VSAN)

Interview with Michael Webster and Michael Corey, co-authors of Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware

Interview with John Davis, co-author of VCAP5-DCA Official Cert Guide

Interview with Paul O'Doherty and Stephane Asselin, authors of VMware Horizon Suite

Interview with Matt Liebowitz and Alex Fontana, authors of Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

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