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Sun Certification Training Guide (310-080): Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Web Component Developer

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Sun Certification Training Guide (310-080): Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Web Component Developer

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2821-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2821-0

The authoritative solution to passing the 310-080 exam!

  • Alain Trottier is a well respected authority in the Java community.
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J2EE Web Component Developer: Servlet Container Model

JSP and Servlet Overview

Table of Contents


1. The Java Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform Exam.

Introduction. Certification Benefits. Certification Roadmap. Exam Information. What the Exam Covers. How the Exam Is Given. Exam Preparation. How to Take the Exam. Coding Style. Specifications. Courses.

2. Exam Preparation Strategy.

Introduction. Prepare for the Exam with a Plan.

3. JSP and Servlet Overview.

Introduction. The Servlet Story. Servlet and JSP History. Web Servers and Servlet Containers. JSP.

4. Servlet Container Model.

Introduction. Overriding HttpServlet GET, POST, and PUT Methods. Triggering HttpServlet GET, POST, and PUT Methods. Interfacing with HTML Requests. Web Application Scope. Servlet Life-cycle. Using a RequestDispatcher. Web Application Context. Context Within a Distributable Web Application.

5. Servlet Exceptions.

Introduction. Returning an Error Code to the Client. WebApp Log.

6. Session Management.

Introduction. Sharing State Information Between Requests. Using Session Objects.

7. JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology Model.

Introduction. Opening and Closing JSP Tags. The Purpose of JSP Tags. JSP Tags as XML. The Page Directive. JSP Page Lifecycle. JSP Implicit Objects. JSP Scriptlets.

8. Extend JSP with JavaBeans.

Introduction. Creating JavaBeans. Scope of JavaBeans in JSP. How to Access JavaBeans in JSP. Part Summary.

9. Customize JSP with Tag Libraries.

Introduction. Creating a Tag Library Example. Taglib Directive. Custom Tag. Tag Library Descriptor. Custom Tag Body. Tag Event Method. Custom Tag Handler. Using Outer-Inner Custom Tags.

10. Deploying Web Applications and Components.

Introduction V299. Web Application and Web Archive Structure. Deployment Descriptor Elements. Web Application Exceptions. Web Application Security. Authentication Types.

11. Design Patterns.

Introduction. Design Patterns Defined. Design Pattern Elements. Patterns on the Exam. Patterns Beyond the Exam.


Fast Facts.

Becoming a Sun Certified Web Component Developer. Part 3, “JSP and Servlet Overview”. Part 4, “Servlet Container Model”. Part 5, “Servlet Exceptions”. Part 6, “Session Management”. Part 7, “JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology Model”. Part 8, “Extend JSP with JavaBeans”. Part 9, “Customize JSP with Tag Libraries”. Part 10, “Deploying Web Applications and Components”. Part 11, “Design Patterns”.

Study and Exam Prep Tips.

Learning as a Process. Study Tips. Exam Prep Tips.

Practice Exam 1.

Exam Questions. Answers to Exam Questions.

Practice Exam 2.

Exam Questions. Answers to Exam Questions.

Practice Exam 3.

Exam Questions. Answers to Exam Questions.


Appendix A. Servlet API Snapshot.

Introduction. Overview of the Servlet API. The javax.servlet Package. Understanding the javax.servlet Package Interfaces, Classes, and Exceptions. The javax.servlet.http Package. Understanding the javax.servlet.http Package Interfaces and Classes. Summary.

Appendix B. JSP Syntax.

HTML or Output Comment. Hidden Comment. Declaration. Expression. Scriptlet. Include Directive. Page Directive. Taglib Directive. <jsp:text>. <jsp:include>. <jsp:plugin>. <jsp:useBean>. <jsp:setProperty>. <jsp:forward>. <jsp:getProperty>. Summary.

Appendix C. Resources.

References. Reference List. Summary.

Appendix D. Setting Up a Servlet Environment.

Selecting an Application Server. Obtaining and Installing Tomcat. Summary.

Appendix E. What's on the CD-ROM.

PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition. Exclusive Electronic Version of Text.

Appendix F. Using the PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition Software.

Exam Simulation. Software Requirements. Using PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition. Contacting PrepLogic. License Agreement.



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