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Police Officer Exam Cram

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Police Officer Exam Cram

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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3274-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3274-3

Before you head out to protect the streets of your city, you must pass the police office entrance exam and Police Officer Exam: Exam Cram can help you. This concise review guide covers the main exam objectives in the five core areas: comprehension, recall, forms, legal definitions and "what if" scenarios. With detailed examples in each topic area, you will be able to practice and hone your skills before taking the exam. This exam will be one of the most important things you take on in your life. Prepare for it with the best¿Police Officer Exam: Exam Cram.

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Becoming a Skilled Observer: Police Officer Exam Cram

Memory Retention

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Police Officer Selection Process.

Police Officer Job Description 

Television Image Versus Reality 

Odd Hours 

Working Holidays 

Quick Lunches 

Not Getting Rich 


A Most Rewarding Job 

Educational Opportunities 

Chances for Advancement 

Selection Process 

Written Exam 

Oral Interview 

Physical Ability 

Long Employment Application 

Background Investigation 

Psychological Evaluation 

Polygraph Test 

Medical and Drug Screening 

Ride-Along Program 

A Typical Day in the Life of a Police Officer 


Chapter 2: Reading Comprehension.

Approaching the Reading Comprehension Section of the Exam 

Potential Topic Areas for the Police Exam Reading Comprehension Exam 

Law Definition 

Policies and Procedures 

Suspected Drug Operating Procedure 

Vehicle Towed Operating Procedure 

Extracting Data 

Police Report 1 

Police Report 2 

Taking Notes on Reading Comprehension Passages 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 

Chapter 3: Memory Retention.

Ability to Observe Detailed Information 

Maximizing Information Retention 

Organize the Information 

Exam Information 

Crime Scenes 

Suspect Information 

Building Floor Plan 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 

Chapter 4: Geographical Orientation.

Importance of Geographical Orientation in Police Work 

Basics of Street Layout 

Applying Geographical Orientation to the Police Exam 

Direct Route Questions 

Scenario 1 

Scenario 2 

Follow the Path 

Scenario 1 

Scenario 2 

Landmark/Spatial Orientation Questions 

Scenario 1 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 

Chapter 5: Forms and Reports.

Police Reports 

Evidence Inventory and Analysis Forms 

Charging Information Forms 

What’s on the Police Test? 

Question Type 1 

Question Type 2–Extracting Information 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 

Chapter 6: Writing Skills.

Importance of Writing Skills in Police Work 

Stick to Facts 

Express Yourself Clearly 

Keep It Simple! 

Always Proofread 

Grammar Basics 

Subject-Verb Agreement 

Tense Consistency 

Sentence Structure 


Sentence Fragments 

Double Negatives 


Vocabulary and Spelling 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 


Chapter 7: Oral Interview.

Preparation Before the Oral Interview 

Create an Inventory of Personal and Professional Accomplishments 


Preparing a Two-Minute and Five-Minute Introduction 

Discovering the Oral Interview 

Structured Oral Interview 

Prepare Questions 

Prepare Answers 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

Dressing and Appearance for the Oral Interview 

Sending a Thank You Letter 

Exam Prep Questions 

Exam Prep Answers 


Chapter 8: Physical Agility.

Importance of Physical Fitness in Police Work 

What to Expect During the Physical Agility Test 

Physical Agility Standards 


The Test 

Guidelines for Push-ups 

Guidelines for Sit-ups 

Guidelines for the Running Test 

Guidelines for the Flexibility Test 

How to Improve Your Score 



Running Test 

Sprints Workout 


Exam Prep Questions 


Chapter 9: Time Management.

Time Management Before the Test 

Prioritize Your Study Tasks and Time 

Keep Time for Your Personal Commitments and Routines 

Develop Self-Discipline 

Maintain Healthy Eating and Sleeping Habits 

Take Short Breaks While Studying 

Designate a Study Area 

Practice, Practice, and More Practice 

Review Your Study Performance 


Time Management During the Police Test 

Time Management During the Written Test 

Time Management During the Oral Interview 

Time Management During the Physical Agility Test 

Avoid Stress–The Key to Better Time Management 

Exam Prep Questions 

Finding Extra Time for Study 

Take Time to Time Yourself 

Chapter 10: Test Taking Strategies.

Review the Test 

Know the Grading Scheme 

Understand the Question 

Highlight Key Words in the Questions 

Ignore Nothing 

Look for Twists in the Question 

Look for Clues 

Predict the Correct Answer 

Identify Qualifiers in Questions 


Recognize the Type of Question 

Maintain Speed 

Review All Answers 

Write Neatly 

Let’s Rehearse 

The Final Helpful Tip 


Chapter 11: Practice Test 1.

Commonly Misspelled Words 

Choose the Correct Sentence or Sentences 

Choose the Correct Synonym 

Police Vocabulary 

Sentence Ordering Questions 

Arithmetic and Arithmetic Formula Questions 

Chapter 12: Answer Key to Practice Test 1.

Chapter 13: Practice Test 2.

Using Maps and Face Recognition 




Ratios and Proportions 

Memory and Observation 

Chapter 14: Answer Key to Practice Test 2.

Chapter 15: Practice Test 3.

Military Time 

25-Minute Recall Test 

Timed Test: 25-Minute Time Limit 

Timed Test: 25-Minute Time Limit 

Steps to Preserve a Crime Scene Timed Test: 30-Minute Time Limit 

Collection of Evidence at a Crime Scene Timed Test: 60-Minute Time Limit 

Types of Evidence 

Evidence Chain of Custody 

Tagging Evidence 

What Terrorist Threat Colors Mean Timed Test: 25-Minute Time Limit 

Glossary Questions 

Chapter 16: Answer Key to Practice Test 3.

Appendix A: Need to Know More?





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