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NCLEX-RN Exam Cram

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NCLEX-RN Exam Cram


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3269-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3269-9

Prepare for your NCLEX-RN® exam with the most targeted book on the market. The NCLEX-RN® Exam Cram blends the ideal level of discussion, drawings and tables into an easily digestible format that allows you to train at your own pace. You will also find notes, tips, exam alerts, skill highlights and the popular Cram Sheet tearcard, perfect for last-minute studying, included in this Exam Cram. 900 practice questions and three practice exams are printed in the book, plus many additional questions are available on the included CD-ROM, which will help you prepare for this Computer Adaptive Test. Pair this book with the NCLEX-RN® Practice Questions Exam Cram for additional practice. Written by three experienced and well-educated RNs, the NCLEX-RN® Exam Cram is your best way to study quicker and score higher.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Respiratory System

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download the sample chapter

Table of Contents



1. Preparing for the National Council Exam for Registered Nurses.

    Preparing for the Exam

    The CAT Exam

    Testing Strategies

    Read the Question Carefully

    Look for Keywords

    Watch for Specific Details

    Eliminate Options That Are Clearly Wrong or Incorrect

    Look for Similar Options

    Look for Opposite Answers

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

2. Simplifying Pharmacology.


    Three Areas of Pharmacology

    How Nurses Work with Pharmacology

    Time-Released Drugs

    Administering Medications

    Understanding and Identifying the Various Drugs

    Angiotensin-Converting Agents

    Beta Adrenergic Blockers

    Anti-Infectives (Aminoglycosides)

    Benzodiazepines (Anticonvulsants/Sedative/Antianxiety)

    Phenothiazines (Antipsychotic/Antiemetic)



    Cholesterol-Lowering Agents

    Angiotensin Receptor Blockers

    Cox 2 Enzyme Blockers

    Histamine 2 Antagonists

    Proton Pump Inhibitors


    More Drug Identification Helpers


    Drug Schedules

    Pregnancy Categories for Drugs

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

3. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Respiratory System.

    Acute Respiratory Failure

    Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Pulmonary Embolus

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Chronic Bronchitis



    Acute Respiratory Infections




    Emerging Infections

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

    Legionnaire's Disease

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

4. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Renal and Genitourinary System.

    Acute Glomerulonephritis

    Chronic Glomerulonephritis

    End Stage Renal Disease

    Peritoneal Dialysis


    Renal Transplants

    Nephrotic Syndrome

    Urinary Calculi

    Urinary Tract Infections

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    Bladder Cancer

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

5. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Hematopoietic System.


    Pernicious Anemia

    Aplastic Anemia

    Sickle Cell Anemia

    Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Cooley's Anemia (Thalassemia Major)


    Polycythemia Vera

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

6. Caring for the Client with Disorders of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance and Acid/Base Balance.

    Basic Knowledge of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

    Regulation of pH and Its Effect on Fluid and Electrolytes

    How the Body Regulates pH

    Metabolic Acidosis

    Causes of Metabolic Acidosis

    Symptoms of Metabolic Acidosis

    Care of the Client with Metabolic Acidosis

    Respiratory Acidosis

    Causes of Respiratory Acidosis

    Symptoms of Respiratory Acidosis

    Caring for the Client with Respiratory Acidosis

    Metabolic Alkalosis

    Causes of Metabolic Alkalosis

    Symptoms of Metabolic Alkalosis

    Caring for the Client with Metabolic Alkalosis

    Respiratory Alkalosis

    Symptoms of Respiratory Alkalosis

    Care of the Client with Respiratory Alkalosis

    Normal Electrolyte Values

    Changes Associated with Aging

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

7. Caring for the Client with Burns.

    Burn Classifications

    Burn Measurement with TBSA

    Client Care for Burn Victims

    The Emergent Phase

    The Intermediate Phase

    Dressings for Burns

    The Rehabilitative Phase

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

8. Caring for the Client with Sensorineural Disorders.

    Disorders of the Eyes

    Intraocular Disorders

    Retinal Disorders

    Refractive Errors

    Traumatic Injuries

    Visual Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Ear Disorders

    Otitis Externa

    Assisting Clients with Hearing Loss

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

9. Caring for the Client with Cancer.


    American Cancer Society's Seven Warning Signs of Cancer

    The Four Major Categories of Cancer

    Risk Factors for Specific Cancers

    Cancer Prevention

    Patient Teaching

    Management of the Client with Cancer



    Bone Marrow Transplantation

    Types of Transplants

    Nursing Care After Transplantation

    Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    Diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    Prognosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    Treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    10 Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

10. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Gastrointestinal System.


    Types of Ulcers

    Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

    Crohn's Disease (Regional Enteritis)

    Ulcerative Colitis


    Diagnosis of Diverticulitis

    Treatment of Diverticulitis

    Diseases Associated with the Liver





    Symptoms of Cholecystitis

    Symptoms of Cholethiasis

    Treatment of Cholecystitis

    Diagnosis of Cholecystitis/Cholethiasis

    Treatment of Cholethiasis

    Food-Borne Illnesses

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

11. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System.


    Treating Fractures

    Compartment Syndrome



    Treatment of Osteoporosis


    Treatment of the Client with Gout

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Musculoskeletal Surgical Procedures

    Fractured Hip and Hip Replacement

    Total Knee Replacement


    Assistive Devices for Ambulation




    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

12. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Endocrine System.

    Pituitary Disorders

    Tumors of the Pituitary

    Thyroid Disorders



    Parathyroid Disorders



    Adrenal Gland Disorders

    Adrenocortical Insuffiency (Addison's Disease)

    Adrenocortical Hypersecretion (Cushing's Disease)

    Diabetes Mellitus

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

13. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Cardiovascular System.


    Medications Used to Treat Hypertension

    Heart Block

    Toxicity to Medications

    Malfunction of the Conduction System

    Myocardial Infarction

    Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction

    Management of Myocardial Infarction Clients

    Buerger's Disease




    Congestive Heart Failure

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

14. Caring for the Client with Disorders of the Neurological System.


    Types of Seizures

    Treatment of Seizure Clients

    Status Epilepticus

    Brain Injuries

    Epidural Hematomas

    Subdural Hematoma

    Treatment of Epidural and Subdural Hematomas

    Increased Intracranial Pressure

    Treatment of ICP

    Neurological Assessment

    Cranial Nerve Assessment

    Glasgow Coma Scale

    Intracranial Pressure Monitors

    Care of the Client with Intracranial Surgery (Craniotomy)

    Spinal Cord Injury

    Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries

    Potential Complications with SCI Clients


    Treating Clients with Guillian-Barré

    Degenerative Neurological Disorders

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

15. Caring for the Client with Psychiatric Disorders.

    Anxiety-Related Disorders

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Somatoform Disorder

    Panic Disorder

    Phobic Disorders

    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    Personality Disorders

    Cluster A

    Cluster B

    Cluster C

    Managing Clients with Personality Disorders

    Psychotic Disorders


    Bipolar Disorders

    Substance Abuse


    Other Commonly Abused Substances

    Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

    Conduct Disorder

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

    Eating Disorders

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

16. Caring for the Maternal/Infant Client.

    Signs of Pregnancy

    Presumptive Signs

    Probable Signs

    Positive Signs

    Prenatal Care

    Prenatal Diet and Weight Maintenance

    Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening

    Other Prenatal Diagnostic Tests

    Measuring Fetal Heart Tones

    Signs of Complications of Pregnancy

    Types of Abortions

    Abnormalities Effecting Pregnancy

    Diabetes in Pregnancy


    Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Cord Prolapse

    Maternal Infections

    Preterm Labor

    Intrapartal Care

    Stages of Labor

    Phases of Labor

    Important Terms You Should Know

    Prelabor Testing

    Fetal Monitoring

    Pharmacologic Management of Labor

    Postpartum Care

    Terms Associated with the Normal Newborn

    Rh Incompatibility


    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

17. Caring for the Pediatric Client.

    Growth and Development

    Infant (28 Days to 1 Year) 

    Toddler (1-3 Years)

    Preschooler (3-5 Years)

    School Age (6-12 Years)

    Adolescence (12-18 Years)

    Congenital Anomalies

    Anomalies of the Gastrointestinal System 

    Anomalies of the Musculoskeltal System  

    Anomalies of the Cardiovascular System 

    Inborn Errors of Metabolism

    Respiratory Disorders

    Acute Otitis Media



    Acute Epiglottitis


    Cystic Fibrosis (Mucoviscidosis)

    Gastrointestinal Disorders


    Pyloric Stenosis


    Celiac (Gluten-induced Enteropathy, Celiac Sprue)

    Cardiovascular Disorders

    Rheumatic Fever

    Kawasaki's Disease (Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome)

    Musculoskeletal Disorders


    Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (Coxa Plana)

    Muscular Dystrophies

    Childhood Cancer

    Wilms Tumor (Nephroblastoma)


    Osteogenic Sarcoma (Osteosarcoma)

    Ingestion of Hazardous Substances

    Salicylate Overdose

    Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Overdose

    Lead (Plumbism)

    Iron Poisoning

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

18. Emergency Nursing.

    The ABCDs of Emergency Care





    Obtaining Client Information


    Head Injuries

    Chest Injuries

    Abdominal Injuries

    Documenting and Protecting Forensic Evidence


    Poisonous Stings and Bites


    Chemical and Biological Agents

    Nuclear Warfare

    Triage Categories for Disaster Victims

    Diagnostic Tests for Review

    Pharmacology Categories for Review

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

19. Cultural Practices Influencing Nursing Care.

    Cultural Diversity and Its Effect on Healthcare

    Cultural Assessment

    Understanding Client Beliefs

    Working with Clients Who Speak Different Languages

    Healthcare of Hispanics/Latinos

    Time Considerations

    Use of Nonverbal/Verbal Communication

    Childbirth and Pain Response

    Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

    Time Considerations 

    Use of Nonverbal/Verbal Communication

    Childbirth and Pain Response


    Time Considerations

    Use of Nonverbal/Verbal Communication

    Childbirth and Pain Response


    Time Considerations

    Use of Nonverbal/Verbal Communication

    Childbirth and Pain Response

    Nursing Plan Dietary Considerations Across Cultures

    Religious Beliefs and Refusal of Care Considerations

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

20. Legal Issues in Nursing Practice.

    Legal Issues in Nursing Practice

    Types of Laws

    Statutory Laws/Regulatory Laws

    Civil Law

    Criminal Law

    Common Law

    Code of Ethical Behavior in Nursing Practice

    Legalities That Affect Nursing Practice






    Witnessing Consent for Care

    Managing Client Care

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answer Rationales

21. Practice Exam I.

22. Answers to Practice Exam I.

    Answer Rationales

23. Practice Exam II.

24. Answers to Practice Exam II.

    Answer Rationales

Appendix A: CD Contents and Installation Instructions.

    The CramMaster Engine

    Multiple Test Modes

    Pretest Mode

    Adaptive Drill Mode

    Simulated Exam Mode

    Installing CramMaster for the NCLEX-RN(r) Exam

    Using CramMaster for the NCLEX-RN(r) Exam

    Customer Support

Appendix B: Things You Forgot - on CD.

Appendix C: Alphabetical Listing of Nursing Boards in the United States and Protectorates - on CD.

Appendix D: Need to Know More? - on CD.




Download the Index


Download the Introduction



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