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MCTS 70-643 Exam Cram: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring

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MCTS 70-643 Exam Cram: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring


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  • Copyright 2009
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3819-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3819-6

MCTS Exam Cram

Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring

Exam 70-643 

Patrick Regan

Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on Exam 70-643!

Administer Windows Server 2008 and Core Server using the Control Panel, Computer Management Console, Server Management Console, and other system tools

Install roles and features in Windows Server 2008

Use Windows Deployment Services to centrally manage the entire deployment process in any Windows environment

Implement secure, reliable infrastructure for deploying websites and services

Efficiently configure and manage disks, volumes, partitions, and server clusters

Ensure high availability in production environments

Configure Terminal Services RemoteApp, Gateway, load balancing, resources, licensing, client connections, and server options

Configure Windows Media Server and Digital Rights Management to deliver audio and video content

Deploy virtual machines using Hyper-V and Microsoft’s other virtualization solutions

Run Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to provide effective collaboration


Patrick Regan, MCSE, MCSA, MCITP, MCT, A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+, Security+, CTT+, CCNA, CNE, has been a PC technician and network administrator/ engineer for 13 years. Regan has conducted formal and informal training as an IT administrator at Heald Colleges and a product support engineer for Intel. He has received Heald Colleges’ Teacher of the Year award and several awards from Intel. He is currently a senior network engineer at Pacific Coast Companies, where he supports 160 servers and 70 sites. Regan is the author of several books, including MCTS 70-620 Exam Cram: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring; IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide, Third Edition; and Troubleshooting the PC with A+ Preparation, Third Edition.

CD Features MeasureUp Practice Questions!

Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers

Multiple test modes

Random questions and order of answers

Coverage of each 70-643 exam objective


ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3819-6

ISBN-10: 0-7897-3819-8


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You can visit the author's website by going to mark.michaelis.net/EssentialCSharp.

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MCTS 70-643 Exam Cram: Windows Server 2008 Storage

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Table of Contents

Introduction  1

Self-Assessment     23

Chapter 1: Managing Windows Server 2008 37

    Server Roles        38

    Windows Features         41

    Configuring and Managing Windows  44

        Control Panel 44

        Administrative Tools 46

        Server Manager         47

        Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor   48

    Initial Configuration Tasks        50

    Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)   51

        Windows Server 2008 Administration Tools for Roles            51

        Windows Server 2008 Administration Tools for Features      52

    Server Core         52

        Shutting and Restarting Server Core       54

        Available Control Panel Applets     54

        Changing Computer Names and Joining Domains        55

        Configuring the Network Connection       56

        Running the Administrative Tools  56

        Other Useful Tools and Options    57

    Exam Prep Questions   59

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     61

    Need to Know More?    63

Chapter 2: Windows Deployment and Activation     65

    Disk Cloning and the System Preparation Tool      66

    Deploying Windows with WIM Images         67

    Installing Windows Using Windows System Image Manager      69

    Windows Deployment Services          71

        Image Types  71

        Connecting to a WDS Server         72

        Installing Windows Deployment Services           73

        Configuring Windows Deployment Services       74

        Creating a Captured Image            79

        Multicast Support in WDS   81

        Discover Images       82

        Prestage Client Computers            83

    Windows Activation       84

        Activation Overview 84

        Key Management Services 85

        KMS Publishing to DNS        87

        Activating Clients Using KMS Activation  89

    Volume Activation Management Tool           91

        Installing the Volume Activation Management Tool     91

        Adding Computers to VAMT           92

        Performing MAK Independent Activation 94

        Performing MAK Proxy Activation 95

        Configure Computers for KMS Activation           96

        Perform Local Reactivation            97

        Adding Windows Multiple Activation Keys           98

        Managing VAMT Data           99

    Exam Prep Questions   100

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     103

    Need to Know More?    105

Chapter 3: Windows Server 2008 Storage   107

    IDE and SCSI Drives      108

    Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)     108

    Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN)           110

        Fibre Channel 110

        iSCSI    112

        Configuring the iSCSI Initiators      114

        Storage Explorer       117

        Storage Manager for SANs 117

    Disk Partitioning  119

    Disk Storage Management      120

        Basic Disks      120

        Dynamic Disks           121

        Managing Basic Disks and Dynamic Disks           121

        Moving Disks to Another Computer         127

    Basic Partitions   128

    Dynamic Volumes          129

        Simple Volumes         130

        Spanned Volumes     130

        Extending Simple or Spanned Volumes   131

        Striped Volumes        132

        Mirrored Volumes and RAID-5 Volumes  133

    Mount Points       138

    Exam Prep Questions   139

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     142

    Need to Know More?    144

Chapter 4: Web Services Infrastructure and Security  145

    Web Pages           146

    IIS Manager 7.0 147

        Using the Configuration Store       148

        Using the Connections Pane and Toolbar           150

        Starting or Stopping the Web Server       150

        Creating Websites     151

        Adding a Virtual Directory   152

        Using Applications and Application Pools 153

        Recycling a Worker Process           155

    Configuring IIS 7.0 with IIS Manager            156

        Compression  157

        Default Documents and Directory Listings          158

    Handlers and Modules   159

    Configuring IIS Settings Using the appcmd Commands        163

    Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application Using xcopy            170

    IIS Security          172

        URL Authorization Rules      172

        Authentication            174

        Secure Sockets Layer and Digital Certificates   175

        Machine Key   180

        Delegate Permissions           180

        ASP.NET Code Access Security     182

    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)          183

    Shared Configuration    188

    IIS 7.0 Backup    188

    File Transfer Protocol    189

    WMI Command-Line Tool        191

    Troubleshooting IIS Problems 191

        Logging            191

        Failed Request Tracing         192

        Viewing Worker Processes             195

    Exam Prep Questions   198

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     204

    Need to Know More?    207

Chapter 5: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services     209

    Installing and Configuring WSS           211

        Planning SharePoint Services         212

        Installing SharePoint Services        213

        Upgrading SharePoint Services      213

    SharePoint Products and Technology Configuration Wizard       214

    SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration         215

        Operations Settings  215

        Application Management Settings 221

    Using the Psconfig.exe Command-Line Tool       231

    Using the Stsadm Command        232

    Managing WSS Sites     233

        Users, Groups, and Permissions   234

        Recycle Bin     236

        Document Library     237

        Workflows      239

    Troubleshooting WSS   241

    Exam Prep Questions   242

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     246

    Need to Know More?    248

Chapter 6: Windows Media Server            249

    Streaming Media            250

        Multiple Bit Rate Streaming (MBR)           251

        TCP Versus UDP        251

        Unicast Versus Multicast     252

        Data Transfer Protocols      252

    Installing Windows Media Services    254

    Implementing Content Streaming     255

        Content Streaming Features         256

        Implementing On-Demand Publishing      257

        Live Content Streaming      260

        Publishing Point Properties  261

        Announcement Files 262

        SMIL-Based Playlists            262

        Advertisements for Publishing Points       262

    Security in Windows Media Server    263

    Troubleshooting Windows Media Services   264

    Digital Rights Management (DRM)     265

    Exam Prep Questions   267

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     269

    Need to Know More?    270

Chapter 7: High Availability  271

    Hardware Redundancy 272

        Hot-Add and Hot-Replace Memory and Processors    273

    Failover Clustering         273

        Failover Clustering System Requirements          275

        Installing the Failover Clustering Feature            276

        Using the Cluster Validation Tests            276

        Creating the Cluster 278

        Configuring the Cluster        280

        Changing Active Nodes        282

        Cluster Network Role and Type    283

        Verifying that an IP Address Resource Can Come Online       283

        Cluster Resources     284

        Quorum Configuration         285

        Owners and Failback            286

        Troubleshooting Cluster Issues     287

    Network Load Balancing          288

        NLB Options   289

        Installing and Configuring NLB        290

        Stopping or Starting Handling Network Load Balancing Cluster Traffic       294

    Exam Prep Questions   296

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     299

    Need to Know More?    300

Chapter 8: Terminal Services          301

    Remote Desktop            303

        Remote Desktop for Server Core            303

    Remote Desktop Connection 304

        Using the mstsc Command:          306

        The Remote Desktop Protocol File           307

        Using Group Policies with RDC       307

        Remote Desktops Snap-In 308

    Licensing   309

        License Management System        309

        License Server Discovery and User-Based License Tracking 312

        Migrating Licenses    312

        Troubleshooting License Issues     313

    Configuring and Managing Terminal Services          313

    Using Terminal Services Command-Line Tools      318

    Single Sign-On    319

    TS Remote Applications           320

    TS Web Access   322

    TS Gateway        324

        Installing TS Gateway          325

        Connection Authorization and Resource
            Authorization Policies         325

        Monitoring TS Gateway       328

        Group Policy Settings for TS Gateway    329

    Load Balancing Terminal Servers       329

        Configuring Network Load Balancing with Terminal Servers  329

        TS Session Broker    330

    Terminal Server Profiles           332

    Terminal Services Printing        333

    Managing Terminal Services by Using Windows System Resource Manager  334

        Creating Resource Allocation Policies       334

        Running Managing State or Profiling State          335

        Importing and Exporting Criteria and Resource Allocation Policies   336

    Exam Prep Questions   337

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     342

    Need to Know More?    344

Chapter 9: Virtual Machines            347

    Hyper-V Overview         348

        Hyper-V Features     348

        Supported Client Operating Systems       349

        Hyper-V Architecture           350

        Virtual Server File Structure           351

    Installing Hyper-V           352

    Managing Virtual Servers         353

        Using Vmconnect.exe to Connect to a Virtual Machine          354

        System Center Virtual Machine Manager            354

    Creating Virtual Machines         355

    Managing Virtual Machines       357

        Dynamically Expanded and Fixed Virtual Hard Disks    357

        Snapshots       358

        Differencing Disk        359

        Save States    360

        Managing Virtual Networks and Network Cards           360

        Virtual LAN Identification     364

    Using High-Availability Features          364

    Managing Server Core and Hyper-V 365

    Exam Prep Questions   366

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions     368

    Need to Know More?    369

Chapter 10: Practice Exam 1          371

Chapter 11: Answers to Practice Exam 1            385

    Answers at a Glance     385

    Answers with Explanations      386

Chapter 12: Practice Exam 2          395

Chapter 13: Answers to Practice Exam 2            411

    Answers at a Glance     411

    Answers with Explanations      412

Appendix A: What’s on the CD-ROM        423

    Multiple Test Modes       423

        Study Mode    423

        Certification Mode     423

        Custom Mode            424

    Attention to Exam Objectives            424

    Installing the CD 424

    Creating a Shortcut to the MeasureUp Practice Tests     425

    Technical Support          426

Glossary        427

Index  443




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