Pearson IT Cybersecurity Curriculum

ITCC for Self-Directed Learners

Pearson's IT Cybersecurity Curriculum (ITCC) series is designed to support the critical need for workforce development in cybersecurity. Pearson ITCC provides multi-modal, real-world focused, hands-on courseware that can be used as a complete cybersecurity program, or individual courses that can be chosen ad hoc to fill in your program to your professional profile. The Pearson ITCC series emphasis is on applied, hands-on learning and validation through certifications set by industry organizations like EC Council, CompTIA, and Cisco. Certifications augment the merit of an academic degree by providing learners with practical, industry-valued, stackable credentials proving a baseline of knowledge acquisition and competency for future employment and workforce development.

This curriculum was originally designed to support 2- and 4-year degree programs mapping to NSA DHS CAE Knowledge Units, and aligned to NIST/NICE framework and ACM CSEC2017 curricular guidance. We've altered this curriculum for the self-directed learner with comprehensive books and Complete Video Courses mapped to the same industry standards.


Informational Resources

Pearson IT Cybersecurity Curriculum

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  Course Comprehensive Learning Late-Stage Exam Prep & Reference
1 IT Fundamentals CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902
Cert Guide: 9780789756527
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134400594
Complete Video Course: 9780134510286
CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902
Exam Cram: 9780789756312
Exam Cram, Premium Edition: 9780134391519
Practice Questions: 9780789756305
2 Networking Fundamentals CompTIA Network+ N10-007
Cert Guide, Deluxe Edition: 9780789759825
Cert Guide: 9780789759818
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134861012
Complete Video Course: 9780134848143
Simulator: 9780789759573
CompTIA Network+ N10-007
Exam Cram: 9780789758743
Exam Cram, Premium Edition: 9780134866833
3 Cybersecurity Fundamentals
CompTIA Security+

Cert Guide: 9780789759122
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134781068
Complete Video Course: 9780134807546
CCNA Cyber Ops
SECFND 210-250

Cert Guide: 9781587147029
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134609010
CompTIA Security+ SYO-501
Exam Cram: 9780789759009
Exam Cram, Premium Edition: 9780134783703
4 Linux Fundamentals for Cybersecurity CompTIA Linux+ LPIC-1
Cert Guide: 9780789754554
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134085746
Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity: 9780789759351
Complete Video Course: 9780789756572
CompTIA Linux+ LPIC-1
Portable Command Guide: 9780789757111
5 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 9
Cert Guide: 9780789756916
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134680804
Penetration Testing Fundamentals: 9780789759375
6 Network Defense & Countermeasures Network Defense and Countermeasures, 3rd Edition
Book: 9780789759962
7 Cybersecurity Operations (Incident Response & Digital Forensics)
CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
Cert Guide: 9780789756954
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134683331
Complete Video Course: 9780134772080
CCNA Cyber Ops
SECOPS 210-255

Cert Guide: 9781587147036
Cert Guide, Premium Edition: 9780134609027
Complete Video Course: 9780134661094
8 Developing Cybersecurity Programs and Policies Developing Cybersecurity Programs and Policies
Book: 9780789759405

Stackable Credentials: Courses, Jobs, and Salaries

This chart gives an idea of the job roles and salaries that may correspond with each course.

  Course Course Entry-Level Job Roles Average Salaries Program Entry-Level Job Role Average Salary
1 IT Fundamentals • Technical Support Specialist
• Field Service Technician
• IT Support Technician
• IT Administrator
~$77,053 • Cybersecurity Specialist - Technician
• Incident Analyst / Responder
2 Networking Fundamentals • Network Field Technician
• Network Administrator
• IS Consultant
• Network Field Engineer
3 Cybersecurity Fundamentals • Security Specialist
• Security Consultant
• Security Engineer
• Security Administrator
4 Linux Fundamentals for Cybersecurity • Linux Database Administrator
• Junior Linux Administrator
• Junior Network Administrator
5 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing • Ethical Hacker
• Penetration Tester
• Homeland Security Specialist
• IT Security Consultant
• IT Security Specialist
6 Network Defense & Countermeasures • Network Security Administrator
• Network Security Specialist
• Security Technician
• Network Security Support Engineer
7 Cybersecurity Operations—Incident Response & Digital Forensics • Security Analyst
• Vulnerability Analyst
• Cybersecurity Specialist
• Cybersecurity Analyst
• Security Engineer
• Security Operations Center Analyst
• Computer Forensics Technician
8 Developing Cybersecurity Programs and Policies • Security Operations Center Analyst (no data)

Source: 2017 IT Skills & Salary Report by Global Knowledge | Base: 14,000+ IT Professionals

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