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Siva G Subramanian

Akhil Behl is a passionate technologist and business development practitioner. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working across several leadership, advisory, consultancy, and business development profiles across OEMs, telcos, and SI organizations. Akhil believes in cultivating an entrepreneurial culture, working across high-performance teams, identifying emerging technology trends, and ongoing innovation. For the last 7+ years, he has been working extensively with hyperscalers across industry verticals. He is employed at Red Hat, leading the Global System Integrator (GSI) partner alliances for the ANZ region.


Akhil is a published author. Over the past decade, he has authored multiple titles on security and business communication technologies. This is his fifth book with Pearson Education. He has contributed as technical editor for over a dozen books on security, networking, and information technology. He has published several research papers in national and international journals, including IEEE Xplore, and presented at various IEEE conferences, as well as other prominent ICT, security, and telecom events. Writing and mentoring are his passions.


Akhil holds CCIE 19564 Emeritus (Collaboration and Security), CompTIA Data+, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Google Professional Cloud Architect, Azure AI Certified Associate, Azure Data Fundamentals, CCSK, CHFI, ITIL, VCP, TOGAF, CEH, ISM, CCDP, and multiple other industry certifications. He has a bachelor's degree in technology and a masters in business administration.


Akhil lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his better half, Kanika, and two sons, Shivansh (11 years) and Shaurya (9 years). Both of them are passionate gamers and are excellent musicians, sporting guitar and keyboard, respectively.


In his spare time, Akhil likes to play cricket, chess, and console games with his sons, watch movies with his family, and write articles or blogs. The family enjoys building LEGO! The family are big Star Wars fans and have keen interest in Star Wars as well as Technic and Creator LEGOs.


Dr. Siva Ganapathy Subramanian Manoharan is a senior professional with more than 18+ years of expertise in the data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning arenas, spanning a wide range of data portfolios. He heads the Data & Analytics Business Unit for Searce Inc in his current role as global chief data officer. He is a cloud data and platform architect with a background in data engineering, management, and analytics. He has considerable experience in a variety of enterprises across sectors. He is an ambitious leader with a startup-to-scale growth mindset who has built/launched new practices and strategic business units for several corporations and scaled them to huge growth.


Siva specializes in the sales, strategic solutions, P&L consulting, pre-sales, delivery of information management advisory, data architecture, and implementation services in the various industry verticals. He has extensive experience serving more than 200 customers globally, with a travel history of more than 25 countries. Over the past 8+ years, he has been living in the United Kingdom.


Siva leads a technology-focused group of individuals and motivates them for professional certifications and knowledge sharing. He has himself attained more than 81 IT certifications. Siva mentors and guides IT professionals and youth across the globe in their journey for a successful future in information technology focused on data analytics and artificial intelligence.


Siva is a technology-integrated author. He has several IT blog posts and book publications to his credit on data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. He has contributed as a technical editor for multiple blogs and whitepapers and hosted many events on data and analytics and information technology.


Siva was awarded the International Achievers award in 2022 by IAF India, the Leader of Excellence award in 2022 by BIZEMAG, and the Most Admired Global Indians 2022 with Passion Vista. He completed a bachelor's degree in electronics communication engineering from the University of Madras, an international MBA from Russian Ulyanovsk State University, a Ph.D. from the University of Swahili, and a D.Sc. from Azteca University.


Siva lives in London with Gaurave SGS (10 years) and Thejashvini SGS (5 years). Both of them are innovative artists, passionate gamers, and excellent creators. In his leisure time, Siva likes to watch movies, travel to new locations, play with Gaurave and Thejashvini, and write whitepapers, articles, and blogs.