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About the Exam Cram Professional Cert Booklist
Jul 20, 2011
In this episode Tim Warner describes the "other" Exam Cram titles, covering such non-IT disiplines as police officer, armed services, nursing, and public school teaching certification.
PRAXIS I Exam Cram: Reading
Nov 19, 2009
This chapter will help you prepare for the PRAXIS I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) in reading.
Understanding Insurance Law for the Life and Health Insurance License Exam
Nov 23, 2005
This chapter covers the agency law and other important legal topics for life and health insurance agents in order to prepare you for the Life and Health Insurance License Exam. Included are sample questions pertaining to this topic to help you prepare.
Sample PRAXIS I Writing Exam Questions
May 12, 2005
This chapter offers a handy guide to basic English grammar, with an eye toward passing the PRAXIS I exam. Included are sample questions and answers with detailed explanations to help you practice for the exam.
The Critical Reading Section in the New SAT: Sentence Completions
May 6, 2005
Whether you're preparing for the SAT or just looking to brush up on your critical reading skills, this sample chapter will help you make sure that you understand precisely what is being said in any given piece of writing.
Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Cram: Insurance Company Organization and Regulation
Feb 18, 2005
With an eye towards passing the Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam, this chapter discusses the major types of insurance organizations, and provides sample questions to help you practice.