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CCDE Study Guide: Enterprise Campus Architecture Design
By Marwan Al-shawi
Nov 23, 2015
In this chapter from CCDE Study Guide, Marwan Al-shawi discusses issues related to enterprise campus architecture design, including hierarchical design models, modularity, access-distribution design model, layer 3 routing design considerations, EIGRP versus link state as a campus IGP, and enterprise campus network virtualization.
Cisco’s Network Architectures for the Enterprise: Functional Areas and Modules
By Sean Wilkins
Jun 30, 2011
This article reviews the different functional areas and modules that were developed for Cisco's Network Architectures for the Enterprise.
Denise Donohue on the CCIE and CCDE Certifications
By Denise Donohue
Jun 28, 2011
Denise discusses the CCIE and CCDE credentials and relates a story concerning her favorite book.
Network Architectures for the Enterprise
By Sean Wilkins
Jun 13, 2011
This article gives you an overview of the three network architectures developed by Cisco to help design networks flexible enough to deal with modern-day network requirements.
Cisco's PPDIOO Network Cycle
By Sean Wilkins
Apr 5, 2011
This article gives an overview of the PPDIOO lifecycle, what happens at each stage, and what potential deliverables would be expected at each stage.
CCNP Security vs. CCSP
By Mary Kyle, Ed Tittel
Feb 9, 2011
Ed Tittel explains the differences in Cisco’s security certifications and how to migrateyour CCSP credentials to the new CCNP Security credential.