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CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting (CCNP Self-Study)

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CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting (CCNP Self-Study)


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  • Lab Exercises and Scenarios.
    • Provides students hands-on experience and understanding of networking concepts.

  • Aligned to Cisco certification exam objectives.
    • Better prepares students for the exam.

  • Only Cisco Systems-approved materials of its kind.
    • Students gain knowledge from the source of the exams, courses, and technology.

  • Hands-on experience aligned to exam environments.
    • Better prepares students for new simulation-based exam questions through implementation-based learning.

  • Lab-building guidance.
    • Teaches students how to assemble equipment, not just perform tasks on the equipment.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 1-58720-057-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-057-1

Hands-on practice for the CCNP Troubleshooting exam with TCP/IP, LAN, and WAN trouble tickets based on Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) topics

With this book, you can:

  • Set up and follow along with real-world lab scenarios aligned to each exam topic, with or without the actual equipment
  • Establish a baseline and document your physical and logical network
  • Identify troubleshooting targets using ping, trace, show, clear, debug, and other troubleshooting tools and utilities
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot actual problems by following along with author-provided Catalyst(r) OS and Cisco IOS(r) Software command input, output, and logging
  • Use instructor-developed problem-isolation methods to resolve Trouble Tickets
  • "Sniff" the wire to spot network issues
  • Analyze local and remote access problems in Ethernet networks, including issues with cabling, speed and duplex, utilization and collisions, bandwidth, CSMA/CD, one-way link, auto negotiation, addressing, encapsulation, and more
  • Apply a layered troubleshooting methodology to real-life routing and switching environments

Designed for aspiring CCNP and CCIE(r) professionals, this indispensable lab guide builds on Cisco(r) Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) topics that prepare you for the CCNP Troubleshooting exam. Full of practical exercises that get you ready for challenges on the job, CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting gives you an edge over the competition through real-world application of LAN and WAN topics.

CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting provides you with practical information on all the important concepts central to the troubleshooting portion of the CCNP certification, including protocol characteristics and tools and supporting IP, IPX, Ethernet, switches, VLANs, and WANs. Each chapter contains an overview of standards and protocols, troubleshooting tools, and basic methods and documentation techniques, as well as hands-on scenarios. Although having access to equipment is the ideal way to profit from this book, relevant information delivered through figures, configuration examples, and detailed text ensures everyone can benefit from the information presented. Protocol analyzer traces emphasize important concepts and trouble areas. Chapters end with real-world Trouble Tickets designed to give you additional practical experience. The final chapter, "Trouble Tickets: The Sum of All Fears," offers comprehensive troubleshooting scenarios in which you must identify, diagnose, and solve complex issues using the methods you have learned.

Whether you are seeking practical knowledge to enhance your preparation for the CCNP Troubleshooting exam or you are a newly minted CCNP in need of hands-on experience to hone your on-the-job skills, CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting has what you need to take your troubleshooting skills to the next level.

This book is part of a recommended learning path from Cisco Systems(r) that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led training, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners worldwide, please visit www.cisco.com/go/authorizedtraining.

Supporting website
Supporting figures, tables, forms, configuration examples, and troubleshooting output for this book can be found at www.ciscopress.com/1587200570



In order to be able to read and work with some of the supporting files offered
on this page, you may want to download some of the programs listed here.

Software Evaluation Copy Available Description
Protocol Analyzers
Network Associates Sniffer Pro No Protocol analyzer used throughout this book
Ethereal Free Protocol analyzer
WildPackets EtherPeek Yes Protocol analyzer
Terminal Emulation Programs
SecureCRT Yes Terminal emulator used throughout this book. Supports Telnet/SSH
HyperTerminal Comes with Windows operating system Update your Windows terminal emulator to the private edition for free
PuTTY Free Telnet/SSH, SCP, SFTP
Tera Term Pro Free Terminal Emulator
FTP/TFTP/Syslog Programs
PumpKin TFTP Yes TFTP client and server
3CDaemon Free TFTP, FTP, Syslog
Cisco TFTP server Free Cisco’s TFTP server

The following files offer support for the chapters in CCNP Practical Studies:
. Downloading and unzipping the files will enable you to work through
the real-world scenarios and trouble tickets throughout the book. Take a hands-on
approach to gain practical internetwoking experience while you study for your CCNP!

Download - 89.7 KB - Chapter 3.zip
Download - 1.47 MB - Chapter 4.zip
Download - 20.4 KB - Chapter 5.zip
Download - 4.62 KB - Chapter 6.zip
Download - 10.6 KB - Chapter 7.zip
Download - 11.6 KB - Chapter 8.zip
Download - 7.19 KB - Chapter 9.zip
Download - 396 KB - Chapter 10.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Shooting Trouble with IP

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download - 1.53 MB -- Chapter 3: Shooting Trouble with IP

Table of Contents




1. Shooting Trouble.

Do You Shoot Trouble or Does Trouble Shoot You? Standards and Protocols. Models and Methods. Practical Troubleshooting. Review Questions. Summary.

2. Whats in Your Tool Bag?

IOS Troubleshooting Tools. Cisco Resources. Project DOTU. Network Management. Hardware Tools and Media Testers. Network Monitors. Protocol Analyzers. Desktop Tools. Review Questions. Summary.


3. Shooting Trouble with IP.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with IP. Protocols and Packets. Addressing. Routing Protocols. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Tickets Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.

4. Shooting Trouble with Novell IPX.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with IPX. Protocols and Packets. Addressing. Routing Protocols. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Tickets Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.


5. Shooting Trouble with Ethernet.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with Ethernet. A Brief Summary of Ethernet. Ethernet Frames. Ethernet Addressing. Ethernet at the Physical Layer. Shooting Trouble with Ethernet. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Tickets Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.

6. Shooting Trouble with CatOS and IOS.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with CatOS and IOS. Segmentation Review. STP. The Cisco CLI. Cat5000/Cat6000 Architecture. Shooting Trouble with Switches. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Tickets Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.

7. Shooting Trouble with VLANs on Routers and Switches.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with VLANs on Routers and Switches. Why VLANs? Trunking. Managing VLANs. Inter-VLAN Routing. Route Switch Technologies. Shooting Trouble with VLANs. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Tickets Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.


8. Shooting Trouble with Frame Relay.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble with Frame Relay. A Brief History of Frame Relay. Frame Relay Frames. Frame Relay Addressing. Frame Relay at the Physical Layer. Shooting Trouble with Frame Relay. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Ticket Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.

9. Shooting Trouble with HDLC, PPP, ISDN BRI, and Dial Backup.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble on the WAN. WAN Terminology. HDLC. PPP. ISDN BRI. Dial-on-Demand Routing. Dial Backup. Trouble Tickets. Trouble Ticket Solutions. Review Questions. Summary.


10. Trouble Tickets: The Sum of All Fears.

Scenario: Shooting Trouble Review. Trouble Ticket 1 Discovery Lab. Trouble Ticket 2 Documentation Lab. Trouble Ticket 3 OSPF Lab. Trouble Ticket 4 RIP/OSPF/EIGRP Redistribution Lab. Trouble Ticket 5 Frame Relay/ISDN Backup Lab. Trouble Ticket 6 VLAN and Spanning-Tree Lab. Review Questions. Summary.


Appendix A. Answers to Review Questions.

Chapter 1s Review Questions. Chapter 2s Review Questions. Chapter 3s Review Questions. Chapter 4s Review Questions. Chapter 5s Review Questions. Chapter 6s Review Questions. Chapter 7s Review Questions. Chapter 8s Review Questions. Chapter 9s Review Questions. Chapter 10s Review Questions.

Appendix B. Troubleshooting Resources.
Appendix C. Equipment Reference.


Download - 257 KB -- Index



Errata - 62 KB -- Errata

Errata - 173 KB -- Figures (pdf)
Download and print the Chapter 10 scenario drawings to assist you with Chapter 10, Trouble Tickets: The Sum of All Fears. Print out Figure C-1 to understand the equipment used in the book.

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