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CCNP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack (CCNP Self-Study, 642-801, 642-811, 642-821, 642-831)

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CCNP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack (CCNP Self-Study, 642-801, 642-811, 642-821, 642-831)


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 936
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 1-58720-091-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-091-5

Prepare for all four of the most current CCNP exams with more than 1,200 flash cards, practice test questions, and quick reference sheets

  • Check topic comprehension with more than 1,200 physical cards that are also downloadable to PC, Palm OS, and Pocket PC
  • Practice for exams with an electronic testing engine that includes more than 800 questions covering all four exams
  • Review exam topics with Quick Reference cards organized by exam
  • Build confidence with tools from the only Cisco Systems authorized publisher

The CCNP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack (CCNP Self-Study) provides final-stage preparation tools for the new CCNP exams announced by Cisco Systems in April 2003. These exams, 642-801 BSCI, 642-811 BCMSN, 642-821 BCRAN, and 642-831 CIT, have all been rewritten with new topical coverage updated to teach networking professionals what they need to know to manage their networks. The elements of this title have been created to provide comprehensive coverage of the new topics in all four exams.

As a final preparation tool for all four CCNP exams, this product complements official Cisco curriculum, other books, and other exam preparatory material. It marries three uniquely successful and complementary methods of late-stage test preparation: a test engine, flash cards, and study sheets. The pack contains a testing engine with more than 800 questions, including drag-and-drop and simulation questions. More than 1,200 total flash cards help with memory retention. They come in a physical printed format, and are also downloadable to the PC, Windows Pocket PC, and Palm OS formats via the included CD-ROM for ultimate portability. Fact-filled Study Sheets allow readers to review important exam topics, organized by exam.



The patch that appears below will update the content on the CCNP Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack CD-ROM test engine to the most current version of the software: version 1.1. Please download this patch if your product contains CD-ROM version 1.0. If your CD-ROM is labeled version 1.1, there is no need to download this patch; you have the most up-to-date version.

Download - 5.44 MB - BCRAN patch

For the test engine patch to take effect, you must have the previous version of the software installed on your computer. The patch will update this software first, and it will make available from the main menu a supplementary file that contains additional information for the BCRAN exam. If you are only interested in obtaining the supplementary set of Flash Cards, click on the link below.

Download - 950 KB - CCNP_FCbook.pdf

Please contact information@ciscopress.com with any questions about the patch.


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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) Basics for the Cisco BSCI Exam

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download - 323 KB -- Section 5: Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS)

Table of Contents




Section 1. Advanced IP Addressing.
Section 2. Routing Principles.
Section 3. EIGRP.
Section 4. OSPF.
Section 5. Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS).
Section 6. Migrating and Redistributing Routes between Multiple IP Routing Protocols.
Section 7. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

BSCI Quick Reference Sheets. Advanced IP Addressing Issues. Understanding IP Routing. Classful IP Routing. Classless IP Routing Protocols. Comparing RIP and IGRP. IP Routing Protocols. EIGRP. EIGRP Messages. EIGRP DUAL. Configuring EIGRP. Advanced EIGRP. OSPF Overview. Configuring Single Area OSPF. Low-Level OSPF. OSPF Network Types. OSPF Advertisements and Cost. OSPF. Summarization. IS-IS. Optimizing Routing. BGP.


Section 1. Implementing Switching in the Network.
Section 1. Configuring VLANS and VTP.
Section 2. Implementing and Tuning Spanning Tree Protocol.

Enhancing Spanning-Tree Protocol.

Section 1. Multilayer Switching (MLS).
Section 2. Improving Network Availability.
Section 3. Cisco AVVID Services and Applications.
Section 4. Implementing QoS.

BCMSN Quick Reference Sheets. The Evolving Network Model. Multilayer Switching. Catalyst Switch Basics. VLAN Implementation. Understanding the Spanning Tree Protocol. Spanning Tree Enhancements. Multilayer Switching. Inter-VLAN Routing. Multilayer Switch Reliability. Default Gateway Redundancy. IP Multicast and IP Telephony in a Switched Network. Implementing QoS in a Switched Network. Optimizing Performance of Campus Networks. Security in the Campus Network. Metro Ethernet. Metro Ethernet Tunneling Options.


Section 1. Network Baselining and Troubleshooting Methodologies.
Section 1. Troubleshooting TCP/IP.
Section 2. Troubleshooting Switched Ethernet Networks.
Section 3. Troubleshooting PPP.
Section 4. Troubleshooting Frame Relay.

CIT Quick Reference Sheets. Network Troubleshooting and Baselining. The General Troubleshooting Process. Gathering Symptoms. Guidelines for Network Documentation. Reasons to Baseline a Network. Steps in the Network Discovery Process. Network Topology Diagrams. Components of a Network Configuration Table. Important Points to Document for Ethernet Switches. Important Points to Document for Routers. Helpful Commands in Network Discovery and Documentation. Troubleshooting TCP/IP. Administrative Distance. Route Redistribution. IOS TCP/IP Troubleshooting Commands. Workstation Troubleshooting Commands. TCP/IP Debugging Commands. Troubleshooting Switched Ethernet Networks. Using SPAN and RSPAN. Troubleshooting Error Disabled PortsImportant Troubleshooting CommandsDebugging. Commands. Troubleshooting PPP. Debugging PPP Connections. Client IP Address Assignment. Configuring and Tuning Multilink PPP. Verification of a PPP Configuration. Supporting Frame Relay. Configuring a Router to Interact with a Congested Frame Relay Network. Viewing the Status of Frame Relay Connections. Debugging Frame Relay Connections.


Section 1. Wide-Area Network Technologies.
Section 1. Configuring Asynchronous Serial Connections.
Section 2. Configuring PPP with CHAP and PAP.
Section 3. Dial-on-Demand Routing.
Section 4. Configuration Frame Relay Connections.
Section 5. Network Redundancy and Backup Connections.
Section 6. Queuing and Compression.
Section 7. Network Address Translation.

BCRAN Quick Reference Sheets. Wide-Area Network Technologies. Working with Asynchronous Connections. Configuring PPP with PAP and CHAP. Configuring Dial-on-Demand Routing. Configuring Frame Relay. Network Redundancy and Backup Connections. Configuring Compression. Configuring Queuing. Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT).

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