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CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Test

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Test

Premium Edition eBook

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Edition eBook
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-430713-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-430713-8

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test    Save 50% - Limited Time, Introductory Offer

The exciting new CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test is a digital-only certification preparation product combining an eBook with enhanced Pearson IT Certification Practice Test. The Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test contains the following items:

  • The CCNA Wireless 200-355 Premium Edition Practice Test, including four full practice exams and enhanced practice test features
  • PDF and EPUB formats of the CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide from Cisco Press, which are accessible via your PC, tablet, and smartphone

About the Premium Edition Practice Test

This Premium Edition contains an enhanced version of the Pearson IT Certification Practice Test (PCPT) software with four full practice exams. In addition, it contains all the chapter-opening assessment questions from the book. This integrated learning package

  • Enables you to focus on individual topic areas or take complete, timed exams
  • Includes direct links from each question to detailed tutorials to help you understand the concepts behind the questions
  • Provides unique sets of exam-realistic practice questions
  • Tracks your performance and provides feedback on a module-by-module basis, laying out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study where it is needed most

Pearson IT Certification Practice Test minimum system requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Vista (SP2), Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client; Pentium-class 1 GHz processor (or equivalent); 512 MB RAM; 650 MB disk space plus 50 MB for each downloaded practice exam; access to the Internet to register and download exam databases

About the Premium Edition eBook

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide focuses specifically on the objectives for the Cisco CCNA WIFUND exam. Leading network engineer and best-selling Cisco certification author David Hucaby shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. “Do I Know This Already” quizzes open each chapter and enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

Well regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this official study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.

CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide is part of a recommended learning path from Cisco that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led training, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners worldwide, please visit www.cisco.com.

This official study guide helps you master all the topics on the CCNA WIFUND exam, including

  • RF signals, modulations, standards, and performance
  • Antenna theory
  • Wireless LAN topologies and 802.11 frame types
  • Wireless AP coverage planning
  • Cisco wireless architectures
  • Autonomous, cloud, and controller-based deployments
  • Controller discovery, roaming, and RRM
  • Wireless security
  • WLAN configuration
  • Wireless guest network implementation
  • Client connectivity
  • Cisco wireless network management
  • Troubleshooting interference and connectivity

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 RF Signals and Modulation 3

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 3

Foundation Topics 7

Comparing Wired and Wireless Networks 7

Understanding Basic Wireless Theory 7

    Understanding Frequency 9

    Understanding Phase 14

    Measuring Wavelength 14

    Understanding RF Power and dB 15

        Important dB Laws to Remember 17

        Comparing Power Against a Reference: dBm 19

        Measuring Power Changes Along the Signal Path 20

        Understanding Power Levels at the Receiver 23

Carrying Data Over an RF Signal 24

    FHSS 26

    DSSS 27

        1-Mbps Data Rate 28

        2-Mbps Data Rate 28

        5.5-Mbps Data Rate 29

        11-Mbps Data Rate 30

    OFDM 30

    Modulation Summary 32

Exam Preparation Tasks 34

Review All Key Topics 34

Key Terms 34

Chapter 2 RF Standards 37

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 37

Foundation Topics 41

Regulatory Bodies 41

    ITU-R 41

    FCC 42

    ETSI 44

    Other Regulatory Bodies 45

IEEE Standards Body 45

802.11 Channel Use 47

    Channels in the 2.4-GHz ISM Band 47

    Channels in the 5-GHz U-NII Bands 49

IEEE 802.11 Standards 50

    802.11-1997 51

    802.11b 51

    802.11g 52

    802.11a 53

    802.11n 54

        Channel Aggregation 55

        Spatial Multiplexing 57

        MAC Layer Efficiency 58

        Transmit Beamforming 59

        Maximal-Ratio Combining 60

        802.11n Modulation and Coding Schemes 60

    802.11ac 60

        Robust Channel Aggregation 61

        Dense Modulation 63

        MAC Layer Efficiency 63

        Explicit Transmit Beamforming 64

        Scalable MIMO 64

        Multi-user MIMO 64

        802.11ac Implementation 65

    802.11 in Other Frequency Bands 65

Wi-Fi Alliance 66

Exam Preparation Tasks 68

Review All Key Topics 68

802.11 Protocol Summary 68

Define Key Terms 69

Chapter 3 RF Signals in the Real World 71

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 71

Foundation Topics 74

Interference 74

    Co-Channel Interference 74

    Neighboring Channel Interference 75

    Non-802.11 Interference 76

Free Space Path Loss 77

    Mitigating the Effects of Free Space Path Loss 79

Effects of Physical Objects 80

    Reflection 81

    Absorption 82

    Scattering 83

    Refraction 83

    Diffraction 84

    Fresnel Zones 84

Exam Preparation Tasks 88

Review All Key Topics 88

Define Key Terms 88

Chapter 4 Understanding Antennas 91

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 91

Foundation Topics 94

Antenna Characteristics 94

    Radiation Patterns 94

    Gain 97

    Beamwidth 97

    Polarization 98

Antenna Types 99

    Omnidirectional Antennas 99

    Directional Antennas 103

    Antenna Summary 107

Adding Antenna Accessories 107

Exam Preparation Tasks 109

Review All Key Topics 109

Define Key Terms 109

Chapter 5 Wireless LAN Topologies 111

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 111

Foundation Topics 114

Types of Wireless Networks 114

Wireless LAN Topologies 115

    Basic Service Set 116

    Distribution System 118

    Extended Service Set 120

    Independent Basic Service Set 122

Other Wireless Topologies 122

    Repeater 122

    Workgroup Bridge 123

    Outdoor Bridge 124

    Mesh Network 125

Exam Preparation Tasks 126

Review All Key Topics 126

Define Key Terms 126

Chapter 6 Understanding 802.11 Frame Types 129

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 129

Foundation Topics 132

802.11 Frame Format 132

802.11 Frame Addressing 134

Accessing the Wireless Medium 136

    Carrier Sense 137

    Collision Avoidance 137

802.11 Frame Types 140

    Management Frames 140

    Control Frames 141

    Data Frames 142

Client Housekeeping 142

    A Client Scans for APs 143

    A Client Joins a BSS 144

    A Client Leaves a BSS 145

    A Client Moves Between BSSs 146

    A Client Saves Power 147

Exam Preparation Tasks 151

Review All Key Topics 151

Define Key Terms 151

Chapter 7 Planning Coverage with Wireless APs 153

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 153

Foundation Topics 157

AP Cell Size 157

    Tuning Cell Size with Transmit Power 157

    Tuning Cell Size with Data Rates 159

Adding APs to an ESS 162

    The Roaming Process 163

    WLAN Channel Layout 165

Designing and Validating Coverage with Site Surveys 169

    Applications and Their Requirements 169

    Site Survey Types and Tools 171

    Predictive or Planning Surveys 172

    Passive Site Surveys 174

    Active Site Surveys 175

    Developing a Complete Survey Strategy 178

Exam Preparation Tasks 180

Review All Key Topics 180

Define Key Terms 180

Site Survey Type and Application Highlights 180

Chapter 8 Understanding Cisco Wireless Architectures 183

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 183

Foundation Topics 187

Distributed Architectures 187

    Autonomous Architecture 187

    Cloud-based Architecture 190

Split-MAC Architectures 192

    Centralized Wireless Network Architecture 197

    Converged Wireless Network Architecture 200

    FlexConnect Wireless Network Architecture 204

Cisco Wireless Network Building Blocks 205

    Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers 205

    Cisco APs 206

Exam Preparation Tasks 209

Review All Key Topics 209

Chapter 9 Implementing Autonomous and Cloud Deployments 211

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 211

Foundation Topics 214

Initially Configuring an Autonomous AP 215

    Connecting the AP 215

    Initially Configuring the AP 217

    Upgrading an Autonomous AP 221

Initially Configuring Cloud-based APs 223

Exam Preparation Tasks 228

Review All Key Topics 228

Define Key Terms 228

Chapter 10 Implementing Controller-based Deployments 231

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 231

Foundation Topics 235

Connecting a Centralized Controller 235

    Using Controller Ports 235

    Using Controller Interfaces 237

Performing an Initial Setup 238

    Initial Setup of a Centralized Controller with the Configuration Wizard 239

    Initial Setup of a Converged Controller with the Configuration Wizard 247

    Initial Setup of a Centralized Controller with WLAN Express Setup 254

    Initial Setup of a Centralized Controller with the CLI 257

Maintaining a Wireless Controller 258

    Backing Up Controller Configurations 258

    Updating Wireless LAN Controller Code 259

    Updating Wireless Control Module Code 262

Exam Preparation Tasks 263

Review All Key Topics 263

Define Key Terms 263

Chapter 11 Understanding Controller Discovery 265

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 265

Foundation Topics 268

Discovering a Controller 268

    AP States 268

    Discovering a WLC 270

    Selecting a WLC 271

    Designing High Availability 272

    Detecting a Controller Failure 274

    Building Redundancy 274

        N+1 Redundancy 274

        N+N Redundancy 275

        N+N+1 Redundancy 276

        SSO Redundancy 277

Exam Preparation Tasks 279

Review All Key Topics 279

Define Key Terms 279

Chapter 12 Understanding Roaming 281

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 281

Foundation Topics 285

Roaming Overview 285

    Roaming Between Autonomous APs 285

    Intracontroller Roaming 288

Roaming Between Centralized Controllers 290

    Layer 2 Roaming 290

    Layer 3 Roaming 292

    Scaling Mobility with Mobility Groups 296

    Roaming Coordination with Centralized Controllers 298

Roaming Between Converged Controllers 300

Exam Preparation Tasks 303

Review All Key Topics 303

Define Key Terms 303

Chapter 13 Understanding RRM 305

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 305

Foundation Topics 308

Configuring 802.11 Support 308

    Configuring Data Rates 309

    Configuring 802.11n and 802.11ac Support 310

Understanding RRM 311

    RF Groups 313

    TPC 315

    DCA 318

    Coverage Hole Detection Mitigation 320

    Manual RF Configuration 322

    Verifying RRM Results 323

Exam Preparation Tasks 325

Review All Key Topics 325

Define Key Terms 325

Chapter 14 Wireless Security Fundamentals 327

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 327

Foundation Topics 331

Anatomy of a Secure Connection 331

    Authentication 332

    Message Privacy 333

    Message Integrity 334

    Intrusion Protection 335

Wireless Client Authentication Methods 336

    Open Authentication 336

    WEP 337

    802.1x/EAP 338

        LEAP 339

        EAP-FAST 339

        PEAP 340

        EAP-TLS 340

Wireless Privacy and Integrity Methods 341

    TKIP 341

    CCMP 342

WPA and WPA2 342

Securing Management Frames with MFP 343

Configuring Wireless Security 344

    Configuring WPA2 Personal 344

    Configuring WPA2 Enterprise Mode 346

    Configuring WPA2 Enterprise with Local EAP 348

Exam Preparation Tasks 351

Review All Key Topics 351

Define Key Terms 351

Chapter 15 Configuring a WLAN 353

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 353

Foundation Topics 355

WLAN Overview 355

Configuring a WLAN 356

    Configuring a RADIUS Server 356

    Creating a Dynamic Interface 358

    Creating a New WLAN 360

    Configuring WLAN Security 362

    Configuring WLAN QoS 364

    Configuring Advanced WLAN Settings 365

    Finalizing WLAN Configuration 366

Exam Preparation Tasks 368

Review All Key Topics 368

Chapter 16 Implementing a Wireless Guest Network 371

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 371

Foundation Topics 374

Guest Network Overview 374

    Scaling the Guest Network 375

Configuring a Guest Network 377

Exam Preparation Tasks 382

Review All Key Topics 382

Define Key Terms 382

Chapter 17 Configuring Client Connectivity 385

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 385

Foundation Topics 388

Configuring Common Wireless Clients 388

    Considering Wireless Client Requirements 388

    Understanding Windows Wi-Fi 389

    Understanding Android Wi-Fi 395

    Understanding MacOS X Wi-Fi 397

    Understanding Apple iOS Wi-Fi 400

Cisco Compatibility Extensions 402

Exam Preparation Tasks 406

Review All Key Topics 406

Define Key Terms 406

Chapter 18 Managing Cisco Wireless Networks 409

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 409

Foundation Topics 412

Cisco Unified Access Overview 412

Using Prime Infrastructure 414

    Alarms in the Dashboard 417

    Monitoring a Wireless Network with Prime Infrastructure 419

        Using Prime Infrastructure Maps 420

    Configuring Devices with PI 426

Exam Preparation Tasks 427

Review All Key Topics 427

Chapter 19 Dealing with Wireless Interference 429

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 429

Foundation Topics 432

Understanding Types of Interference 432

    Bluetooth 432

    ZigBee 433

    Cordless Phones 434

    Microwave Ovens 434

    WiMAX 434

    Other Devices 435

Using Tools to Detect and Manage Interference 436

    Spectrum Analyzers 436

    Cisco CleanAir 439

    Enabling CleanAir 440

    Air-Quality Index 443

    Using Event-Driven RRM 445

Exam Preparation Tasks 447

Review All Key Topics 447

Define Key Terms 447

Chapter 20 Troubleshooting WLAN Connectivity 449

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 449

Foundation Topics 453

Troubleshooting Client Connectivity 453

    Troubleshooting Clients from PI 454

    Testing a Client from PI 459

    Troubleshooting Clients from the Controller 461

    Verifying Client WLAN Settings 462

    Viewing Controller Logs 463

Troubleshooting AP Connectivity 464

    Verifying AP-to-WLC Connectivity 464

    Verifying AP-to-Network Connectivity 465

    Verifying the AP and Antenna Orientation 467

Checking the RF Environment 468

Exam Preparation Tasks 472

Review All Key Topics 472

Chapter 21 Final Review 475

Advice About the Exam Event 475

    Learn the Question Types Using the Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial 475

    Think About Your Time Budget 480

    Other Pre-Exam Suggestions 481

Exam Engine and Questions on the DVD 482

    Install the Exam Engine 482

    Activate and Download the Practice Exam 483

    Activating Other Exams 483

    Premium Edition 484

    Using the Exam Engine 484

The Cisco Learning Network 485

Final Thoughts 485

Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes 487

Appendix B Modulation and Coding Schemes 505

Appendix C CCNA Wireless 200-355 Exam Updates 513

Key Terms Glossary 515

On the DVD

Appendix D Study Planner

Key Terms Glossary

9781587144578   TOC   11/19/2015



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