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CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference

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CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-384596-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-384596-9

CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference provides you with detailed information, highlighting the key topics on the latest CCIE Collaboration v1.0 exam. This fact-filled Quick Reference allows you to get all-important information at a glance, helping you to focus your study on areas of weakness and to enhance memory retention of important concepts. With this book as your guide, you will review and reinforce your knowledge of and experience with collaboration solutions integration and operation, configuration, and troubleshooting in complex networks. You will also review the challenges of video, mobility, and presence as the foundation for workplace collaboration solutions. Topics covered include Cisco collaboration infrastructure, telephony standards and protocols, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco IOS UC applications and features, Quality of Service and Security in Cisco collaboration solutions, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, and Cisco Unified IM and Presence.

This book provides a comprehensive final review for candidates taking the CCIE Collaboration v1.0 exam. It steps through exam objectives one-by-one, providing concise and accurate review for all topics. Using this book, exam candidates will be able to easily and effectively review test objectives without having to wade through numerous books and documents for relevant content for final review.

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CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference: Cisco Unified Communications Security

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure 1

Cisco Unified Communications Deployment Models 1

    Single-Site Deployment Model 2

    Multisite WAN with Centralized Call Processing Deployment Model 3

    Multisite WAN with Distributed Call Processing Deployment Model 4

    Clustering over WAN Call Processing Deployment Model 5

Network Services 6

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 6

    Domain Name System 7

    Trivial File Transfer Protocol 8

    Network Time Protocol 11

    Cisco Discovery Protocol 12

    Link Layer Discovery Protocol 14

Power over Ethernet 15

Voice and Data VLANs 16

IP Routing in Cisco Collaboration Campus Environments 17

    Campus Infrastructure Design 17

        Campus Access Layer 18

        Campus Distribution Layer 18

        Campus Core Layer 18

        Campus Routed Access Layer Design 19

IPv6 in Cisco Collaboration Networks 20

    IPv6 Address Types 21

    IPv6 Addressing Model 21

Virtualization in Cisco Collaboration Solutions 23

    Cisco UCS Servers 24

    VMware ESXi for Cisco Collaboration Virtualization 26

    UC Application Install Answer File 26

IP Multicast 27

Wireless in Cisco Collaboration Solutions 28

Chapter 2 Quality of Service (QoS) 31

QoS Requirements for Voice and Video 32

QoS Deployment Architectures 33

Classification and Marking 34

    Layer 2 Marking 34

    Layer 3 Marking 35

    Network-Based Application Recognition 36

    Classification Service Classes 37

    Classification and Marking for Softclients 37

    Classification and Marking for Video Traffic 38

Queuing 38

    Cisco Queuing Toolset 39

    Weighted Random Early Detection 40

WAN QoS Considerations 41

    Traffic Policing and Shaping 41

Link Efficiency Mechanisms 43

    Compressed RTP 43

    Link Fragmentation and Interleaving 43

    Multilink PPP 44

    Frame Relay Forum 12 44

    Voice Activity Detection 45

LAN QoS Considerations 46

    QoS Trust Boundary 46

QoS Considerations for WLAN Endpoints 47

QoS Considerations for Virtual Unified Communications with Cisco UCS 48

Medianet 49

    Medianet QoS Classes of Service 52

Chapter 3 Telephony Standards and Protocols 55

Voice and Video Codecs 55

VoIP Media Transmission Protocols 57

VoIP Signaling Protocols 58

    Skinny Client Control Protocol 58

    Media Gateway Control Protocol 61

    Session Initiation Protocol 65

SIP Session Description Protocol 71

SIP Binary Floor Control Protocol 72

H.323 Gateway, Gatekeeper, and RAS 73

    H.323 Gateway 75

    H.323 Gatekeeper 76

    H.225 and RAS Signaling 77

H.239-Based Dual Video Channels and Cisco Video Equipment Support 82

Analog Telephony 83

    Foreign Exchange Office 83

        FXO Disconnect 83

    Foreign Exchange Station 84


Digital Telephony 85

    Integrated Services Digital Network 85

    Q Signaling Protocol 87

    Channel Associated Signaling 87

    T1 CAS 87

    E1 R2 88

    Non-Facility Associated Signaling 88

Analog and Digital Telephony Call Signaling Elements 89

    Direct Inward Dial 89

    Caller ID 89

    Echo 90

    Trans Hybrid Loss 90

Fax and Modem Protocols 91

    Fax Services over IP Network 91

    Modem Services over IP Network 93

Chapter 4 Cisco Unified Communications Manager 95

CUCM Redundancy and Device Registration 95

CUCM Device Pool 96

    Common Device Configuration 98

Codec Selection 99

CUCM Features 100

    Call Park and Directed Call Park 100

    Call Pickup and Group Pickup 101

    Meet-Me Conference 102

    Busy Lamp Field Speed Dials 102

    CUCM Native Call Queuing 102

    Call Hunting 103

CUCM Media Resources 104

    Annunciator 104

    Conference Bridge 104

    Media Termination Point 105

    Transcoder 105

    Music on Hold 105

    Media Resource Group and Media Resource Group List 106

    Trusted Relay Point 107

CUCM Dial Plan 107

    Partitions and Calling Search Spaces 108

    Translation Patterns 109

    Route Patterns 109

    Route List 109

    Route Group 110

    Globalized Call Routing 110

    Local Route Group 111

    Time-of-Day Routing 112

    Application Dial Rules 112

    Directory Dial Rules 113

    SIP Dial Rules 113

CUCM Digit Manipulation 114

CUCM H.323 and SIP Trunks 116

SIP Uniform Resource Identifier Dialing 117

Intercluster Lookup Service 119

Blended Addressing 122

CUCM Call Admission Control 122

    Locations-Based CAC 123

    Enhanced LCAC 124

    Resource Reservation Protocol 126

    RSVP SIP Preconditions 128

CUCM-Based Call Recording and Silent Monitoring 129

CUCM Mobility 133

    Extension Mobility and Extension Mobility Cross Cluster 133

    Device Mobility 135

    Mobile Connect 136

    Mobile Voice Access 138

Service Advertisement Framework and Call Control Discovery 140

    SAF Architecture 140

    Call Control Discovery Service 142

Chapter 5 Cisco Unified Communications Security 145

Security Policy 145

Threats to Cisco Collaboration Networks 146

    Layer 1 Security 146

    Layer 2 Security 147

        Port Security 147

        DHCP Snooping 148

        Root Guard and BPDU Guard 149

        Dynamic ARP Inspection 149

        802.1x 149

    Layer 3 Security 151

        RFC 2827 Filtering 151

        IP Source Guard 151

        Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 152

        Routing Protocols Security 152

        Router Hardening 152

     (Firewall) Security for Layers 4 Through 7 152

Firewall Traversal Mechanisms 153

    NAT Traversal 153

    IPsec Tunnels 154

    IP-Based ACLs 154

    Port-Based ACLs 154

Cisco ASA Proxy Features 155

Cisco VPN Phone 156

Application Layer Security 157

CUCM Security By Default 158

CUCM Security Modes 158

    CTL Client and CTL File 159

    Cisco Unified IP Phone Certificates 161

SRTP and TLS 161

Preventing Toll Fraud 162

    CUCM Class of Service 162

    Cisco Voice Gateway Toll-Fraud Prevention Application 163

    Voice Gateway Class of Restriction 164

    Cisco Unity Connection Restriction Rules 165

Chapter 6 Cisco Unity Connection 167

Cisco Unity Connection High Availability 167

Cisco Unity Connection Integration with CUCM and CUCME 168

    Cisco Unity Connection SCCP Voicemail Integration with CUCM 169

    Cisco Unity Connection SIP Voicemail Integration with CUCM 171

    Cisco Unity Connection SCCP Voicemail Integration with CUCME 172

    Cisco Unity Connection SIP Voicemail Integration with CUCME 174

Cisco Unity Connection Dial Plan 175

Call Handlers 176

    Cisco Unity Connection System Call Handlers 176

    Cisco Unity Connection Directory Handlers 178

    Cisco Unity Connection Interview Handlers 179

Cisco Unity Connection Single Inbox 180

Cisco Unity Connection Visual Voicemail 183

Voice Mail for Cisco Jabber 184

Cisco Unity Connection Voicemail Networking 186

    Intrasite Networking 187

    Intersite Networking 188

    Voice Profile for Internet Email (VPIM) Networking 189

Chapter 7 Cisco Unified IM and Presence 191

Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Components 191

Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Cluster 192

Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Server Integration with CUCM 193

Cisco Jabber 197

Presence Federation 198

    Intradomain Federation 199

    Interdomain Federation 201

Presence Cloud Solutions 202

Group Chat and Compliance 204

    Group Chat 204

    Logging and Compliance 205

        Client-Side IM Logging (History) 205

        Server-Side IM Logging (Compliance) 206

Chapter 8 Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 209

Cisco UCCX Architecture 209

Cisco UCCX Components and Subsystems 210

UCCX ACD/ICD, IVR, and CTI Functions 211

    UCCX ACD Functions 211

    UCCX CTI Functions 213

    UCCX IVR Functions 213

UCCX Deployment Models 214

UCCX Call Flow 215

UCCX Integration with CUCM 216

UCCX Scripting Components 218

Chapter 9 Cisco IOS Unified Communications Applications 225

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 225

Basic Cisco Unified CME Setup 226

Cisco Unified CME—Based SCCP Phone Registration 227

Cisco Unified CME—Based SIP Phone Registration 229

Cisco Unified CME Single Number Reach 230

Survivable Remote Site Telephony 232

MGCP Fallback 236

Multicast Music on Hold in SRST 237

Cisco IOS Dial Plan 238

    Voice Translation Rules and Profiles 239

    Cisco IOS Dial-Peer Matching Logic 242

Cisco IOS Media Resources 244

    Cisco IOS DSP Management 244

    Cisco IOS Conferencing Resources 245

    Cisco IOS Transcoding Resources 246

Cisco Unified CME—Based Media Resources 246

    Cisco Unified CME Conferencing and Transcoding 246

Cisco IOS—Based Call Queuing 249

    Cisco Unified CME Basic Automatic Call Distribution 249

    Voice Hunt Groups 252

    Call Blast 253

Cisco Unity Express 254

Cisco Unified CME and CUE Integration 254

CUE Message Waiting Indicator 256

    Outcalling 256

     (SIP) Subscribe Notify 257

    Unsolicited Notify 257

CUE Web Inbox 258

CUE VoiceView Express 258

CUE Auto-Attendant 259

CUE Scripting 261

CUE Voice Profile for Internet Email 263

Cisco IOS Call Admission Control 266

    Local CAC 267

    Reservation-Based CAC 267

    Measurement-Based CAC 268

Cisco IOS CDR Accounting 268

    File Accounting 269

    Syslog-Based CDR Accounting 269

    RADIUS-Based CDR Accounting 269

Cisco Service Advertisement Framework and Call Control Discovery 270

Cisco Unified Border Element 272

    CUBE Redundancy 273

    CUBE SIP Profiles 277

    CUBE Early Offer and Delayed Offer 278

    CUBE DTMF Interworking 279

    CUBE Mid-Call Signaling 281

Chapter 10 Cisco Collaboration Network Management 283

CUCM Serviceability and OS Administration 283

    CUCM Database Replication 283

    CUCM Service Activation 284

CUCM Call Detail Records and Call Management Records 288

CUCM Disaster Recovery 289

User Management 290

Cisco EnergyWise 292

9780133845969    TOC   4/30/2014


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