™ SOA Certified Professional (SOACP™) Program

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The SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) program is dedicated to excellence in the field of SOA and service-oriented computing. Through a series of seasoned course modules and exams, IT professionals have the opportunity to obtain a number of different certifications to recognize their accomplishment of gaining project-ready SOA proficiency.

This vendor-neutral program was developed in cooperation with best-selling SOA author Thomas Erl and several major SOA organizations and academic institutions. Through the involvement of the SOA Education Committee, course contents and certification requirements are constantly reviewed and revised to stay current with developments in the service-oriented computing industry. To learn more, visit

How To Get Trained

  1. On-Site Training
    A Certified SOA Trainer can travel to your location to deliver a workshop for a class of students, based on your budget and preferences. To learn more, contact
  2. Public Workshops
    Certification workshops are held on a regular basis in major cities around the world. Visit for the latest calendar.
  3. Self-Study
    Self-Study Kits are available for all exams. These kits allow you to study the materials remotely and at your own pace. Each kit includes study materials, Audio Tutor CDs, a Prometric exam voucher, and additional study aids. For more information, visit

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Required Books
The Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl is the world's top-selling book series dedicated to SOA and service-oriented computing topics. These books are authored by industry experts and each title is required to follow common style and language conventions to ensure consistency with the ultimate goal of establishing a de facto library comprised of fully complementary titles. The books in this series are part of the official SOACP curriculum and several SOACP self-study kits require one or more of these textbooks. To view the relationship between series titles and individual self-study kit course modules, visit

Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl

Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology & DesignService-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology & Design
ISBN: 0131858580

SOA Principles of Service DesignSOA Principles of Service Design
ISBN: 0132344823

Web Service Contract Design and Versioning for SOAWeb Service Contract Design and Versioning for SOA
ISBN: 013613517X

SOA Design PatternsSOA Design Patterns
ISBN: 0136135161

How To Get Certified

To become certified you only need to pass the exams required for a given certification. The aforementioned training options can all help you prepare for these exams. To learn more, visit Note that testing and certification are optional. You can take any of the training courses without having to take the exams.

Exams are available worldwide via Prometric testing centers. To view locations and to schedule exams, visit or call 1-800-897-2241. For descriptions of the exams and to learn more about exam scheduling and testing center locations, visit

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