Pearson IT Certification Series

Pearson IT Certification is revolutionizing the certification self-study market with more than just books to get you prepared for your exams. Video, online flash cards, quick references, iPhone applications, and simulations are just a few of the new learning products that help you learn, comprehend, recall, and retain the information that you need to succeed, both on the exam and on the job.

Video Learning Books & eBooks Simulations Cert Flash Cards Practice Tests

Video Learning

Leading education and technology experts make otherwise challenging topics come to life with video training. Video Courses provide in-depth, foundational learning with dozens of hours of classroom learning videos. Video Mentors present expert training from industry-leading instructors and technologists. This dynamic learning environment combines animations, screencasts, and audio instruction to help users bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and hands on application.

Both use instructor-led audio and video teaching, slide presentations, and computer-action screen captures that let you follow along as the instructor puts the learning into action on real equipment. When you see them do it, you better understand how the tasks are done, so you learn, as well as comprehend.

Video Mentors are also the anchor of the Cert Kits. These boxed kits combine the Video Mentor in DVD format, as well as an access code card for the Cert Flash Cards Online service, and the Quick Reference in both PDF and print format.

Books and eBooks

Pearson IT Certification is the publisher of the best-selling late-stage IT certification preparation series, Exam Cram. These titles are designed for fast review and learning on the certification topic that is important to you. Exam Crams feature CD-based electronic test engines and the Cram Sheet, a removable quick topic review sheet, as well as other in-chapter supporting tools that help you learn, retain, and recall information.

Cert Guides, a new line of titles from Pearson IT Certification, deliver more foundational learning and provide late-stage review and preparation. Based on the best-selling Exam Certification Guide series from Cisco Press, these mid- to late-stage learning and exam tools include CD-based test engines and help you with organized test preparation routines proven that help in learning and exam success.

Printed books from Pearson IT Certification are available in popular eBook formats for multiple devices.


Pearson IT Certification has created an innovative and powerful Network Simulator that provides a cost effective means to gaining realistic hands-on experience without having to invest heavily in hardware, software, or other equipment. With Cisco CCNA-focused labs authored by industry experts like Wendell Odom, these simulations help teach you the skills you need to master for the exam and workplace, and prepare for simulation-inclusive certification exams at the same time.

Simulations are also available for PC repair skills as a part of the CompTIA A+ Cert Kit, providing simulation practice on Windows-based systems for the software section of the exams.

Cert Flash Cards

Cert Flash Cards help you review a topic in a more focused, learning-rich environment. Not a practice test, Cert Flash Cards help you assess where you need more study, and even provide some learning materials to get you started on the right track. This can help ensure you are ready for the exam, speed up your preparation by focusing your studies, and build your confidence before testing time.

Web-based Cert Flash Cards can be used on a PC and select mobile devices.

Practice Tests

All Exam Crams and Cert Guides from Pearson IT Certification typically carry electronic practice tests as part of their overall learning system. Coming soon from Pearson IT Certification will be a series of practice test products that enhance learning with improved feedback and analysis, online access, and larger question test banks.

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