Career Preparation

SuccessHawk® is your "intelligent" online job search productivity system for organizing and conducting an efficient, systematic and effective job search. Hands-on tools enable you to:

  • Self assess to identify career options that match your interests
  • Set goals
  • Develop a "30 second elevator pitch"
  • Organize and conduct your job search systematically
  • Build, expand and manage your professional network and make connections using customized on-screen advice about what to say and ask during each step of your job search
  • Use networking to find "hidden" job opportunities
  • Easily download contact information from existing e-mail directories and networks
  • Keep track of your job search interactions and progress
  • Automatically schedule and download important actions into Outlook or a PDA
  • Access Simply Hired, a job board that aggregates openings from other job boards and company websites
  • Write a compelling resumé
  • Prepare for the interview

What is unique about SuccessHawk?

SuccessHawk is the only online resource that guides users through the process of building, expanding and working a professional network—whom to contact, what to say, what to ask, how and when to follow up. The suggestions automatically adjust and evolve as job seekers progress during their job search.

SuccessHawk provides expert advice about the job search process and how to survive a layoff. Especially valuable for unemployed job seekers, on-screen resources provide a support structure that helps them deal with emotional issues related to being out of work and assistance for restarting their careers.

SuccessHawk is self-contained, complete, and portable. Users can access resources and conduct their job search anytime and anywhere they have Internet connectivity.