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Richard Froom

Mike Flannagan, CCIE No. 7651, is a manager in the High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) group at Cisco Systems. Mike previously lead the creation and deployment of the QoS Virtual Team, which participated in the development of new QoS features for Cisco IOS Software and developed QoS strategies and implementation guidelines for some of the largest Cisco Enterprise customers.

Richard Froom, CCIE No. 5102, is a software and QA engineer for the Financial Test Lab at Cisco Systems. He has been involved with Catalyst product field trials and has been crucial in driving troubleshooting capabilities of Catalyst products and software.

Kevin Turek, CCIE No. 7284, is currently working as a network consulting engineer in the Cisco Federal Support Program in Research Triangle Park. As a member of the Cisco internal QoS virtual team, Kevin assists internal Cisco engineers and external Cisco customers with QoS deployment.