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Susan Harkins

Mike Gunderloy has been working with computers and software since he was in high school, which was a long time ago. He's taught courses in subjects ranging from basic computing to advanced Microsoft Access, and is the author of numerous computer books and articles.

Mike lives on a farm in eastern Washington state, along with his wife and children and an ever-changing array of horses, sheep, llamas, geese, turkeys, chickens, ducks, peacocks, cats, dogs, and guinea fowl. When he's not busy testing and writing about software, Mike can usually be found in his garden or greenhouse, trying to persuade recalcitrant vegetables to grow, or out on the land, trying to persuade noxious weeds to stop growing.

You can reach Mike at MikeG1@larkfarm.com or http://www.larkware.com/.

Susan Sales Harkins has been writing about Office applications since 1992. Before that, she taught general computing classes at a local business college. Her favorite application is Microsoft Access. Her favorite pursuit is a grandbaby. Susan lives in Kentucky, but unlike Mike, with only a few animals, including a few of the two-legged variety. You can reach Susan at ssharkins@bellsouth.net.