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Kennedy Clark

Kennedy Clark, CCIE No. 2175, is the founder of Remote Technology Solutions (RTS), a company that offers network-related products and services. RTS's main product is AutoVerify, a tool that allows real-time grading and feedback of hands-on labs in such fields as training, e-learning, and testing. Kennedy also works as a consultant specializing in network architecture and design. As a former certified Cisco Systems instructor, he was one of the original Catalyst instructors for Cisco. Over the years, Kennedy has taught a wide variety of switching classes and been involved in the design and implementation of many large, switched backbones.

Kevin Hamilton is a certified Cisco Systems instructor and is senior instructor for Riverstone Networks where he delivers courses and consults on network topics such as LAN switching, MPLS, and routing. Prior to Riverstone, Kevin was an instructor/consultant for Mentor Technologies (formerly Chesapeake Computer Consultants) where he focused on Catalyst, ATM, and network security technologies. Kevin obtained a degree in electrical engineering from Pennsylvania State University.